After operations: Bernal again with consciousness

The former Tour DE-France winner Evan Bernal is again conscious after a serious training accident in his home state of Colombia and several operations.

The patient has survived the removal of ventilation aid without complications, said in the fifth communication of the University Hospital La Sabina near Bogotá on Wednesday. He could move his arms and legs.

Began Vernal has already woken up, wrote the Colombian newspaper El Tempo. In his South American home country, not only great worries that the Rad star can continue his career, but that he is even healthy. Even Colombia’s president Iván Duque wishes a speedy recovery. Since Vernal 2019 the first South American won the tour, he is a national hero.

The 25-year-old Vernal was consistent media reports on the time bike on Monday on a standing bus. His team Ineos-Grenadiers, initially, confirmed only the accident and that Vernal in the hospital was responsive and stable.


As it turned out later, he had suffered a thigh fragment, an open break of the kneecap and injuries at the thoracic acid. Vernal has been operated several times and should remain at least three days in the intensive care unit.

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