10 billion US dollars in the pot: Who can Sony buy at all?

Sony will be available for 10 billion US dollars for more acquisitions. Who can you buy with it?

The statement by PlayStation boss Jim Ryan mentioned in this message of 03 February 2022 , you can expect further acquisitions by Sony, is now underfed by a report by TweakTown. The Sony officers are to be available for the period festival year 2021 to festive year 2023 a total of 17.4 billion US dollars for strategic investments, acquisitions or backups of shares.

17.4 minus 7.4 = 10

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Of this amount, 7.4 billion US dollars have been invested (among other things in the recently announced purchase of Bungie **). Sony is still 10 billion US dollars available for the next actions. But which big fish can be started with this sum? Industry insider Geoff Keighley has recently published a list of companies and their respective market capitalization:

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Note that Sony in the current situation would probably have to put more presses to secure one of the companies. With Take-Two, the Zynga purchase from January 2022 is not yet included with – as this, as the Activision Takeover, needs to be developed by the authorities. Cost of here: Nearly 12 billion US dollars.

What makes sense?

You can see: Sony has not at all too many possibilities. In addition, not every acquisition would make sense. For example, we can not imagine it, for example, that the Japanese could be keen on the Torquette Ubisoft after the development of recent years. A Square Enix would fit much better from the “Mindset”, but then you would also have to take over the complete manga section of Square. Similar disadvantages can be found at Sega, Capcom and Konami.

Incidentally, Geoff Keighley has forgotten an important market participant with CD project Red (market capitalization is $ 4.7 billion), which could be financially and what the quality of the games could be interesting for Sony. It is not necessary to be valve, where a takeover would be feasible here anyway if there were Newell this would agree (which he certainly does not power). What do you think: what looks like Sony’s next step? Betray us in the comments!

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