“Why not us?” Bengals and their great test at the Chiefs

Do the Cincinnati Bengals really have a chance of offensive Kansas City Chiefs? An approach must be there to stuff the huge holes in their own offensive line. A preview …

“Why not us?”, That’s the motto of the Bengals, which undoubtedly the surprise team in the semi-finals of the play-offs are. And yes, why not you? The team from the AFC North has finally won the Division before the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns, but also for the first time after 31 years after 31 years, but also after 31 years again a play-off game – 26:19 in the Wild Card Round against the Las Vegas Raiders.

And after the crazy and through a last-Second-goal-goal reached 19:16 at the Tennessee Titans, there are even two success experiences in the NFL final round including entry into the AFC final at the Kansas City Chiefs. And an AFC final has no longer existed for this franchise since the 1988 season and thus for 33 years. Positive marginal note: At that time, a 21:10 over Buffalo even succeeded in the Super Bowl, in which then at 16:20 was just lost against the San Francisco 49ers.

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Wild, dramatic, NFL. In episode 3 of the new “Icing the Super Bowl” podcast in cooperation between the Super Bowl and footballing, we look at the playoff duels in the NFL. After the wrong Divisional Games consequences next Sunday (30.1.) Now the Conference Championship Games. The Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers are. Detti, Shuan, André and Kucze look ahead on the NFL “semi-final” and at the end of each return their results. The next episode of “Icing The Super Bowl” – this time then with a view of the Super Bowl – there are already coming Thursday. Photo Credit: Imago / Zuma Wire

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But can a final feed actually succeed in the offensively brachially dangerous Kansas City Chiefs? So at the team, which recently won a stunning wild-west shootout against the Buffalo Bills with 42:36 – new overtime control discussions inclusive. Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Mecole Hardman, Clyde Edwards-Helaire – These rulers have reached 42 points both against Pittsburgh as well as now against Buffalo. In addition, Mahomes stands with K.C. To Kultcoach Andy Reid for the fourth time in a row in the AFC final in front of a local backdrop, which has never existed until now.

The Swiss cheese problem

In addition, the question arises: Can the offensive line of Bengals withstand? Finally, at the narrow 19:16 she has admitted to the titan’s entire nine “sacks” and extremely many more compresses on Joe Burrov. Burrow himself has thrown in this game next to 348 yards and an interception therefore not a single touchdown pass. Rather, this game ultimately has recovered Tennessee playmaker Ryan Tannehill with its third interception seconds before the end for Cincy or lost for itself and its colors.

Of course: the large holes in the O-LINE, which has already approved the most “sacks” of a team for Burrow in the Regular Season with 51, have to be stuffed quickly. Otherwise, the own open lane could not keep up with top-receiver Ja’Marr Chase or Running Back Joe Mixon Punktetechnisch with the Chiefs – because Kansas City tends to expect three to six offensive touchdowns.

“They beat us – and that was not a dusel”

But why should not that succeed? “Why not us?”, Ie Bengals view. Head Coach Zac Taylor gives the answer in conversation with the US media: “See how far we have come.” Since the weak Regular Season 2020/21 with a balance sheet of 4: 11: 1 has simply been brought on the right path. “We went a long way – because our boys have really worked hard. We only have to align the focus fully on this game to play our best football in Kansas City.”

And before the “Why Not US?” – Attitude of the Bengals indeed also show the Chiefs respect – especially since it only in Week 17 after a crazy exchange rate 34:31 for Cincinnati (but also in Cincinnati and not in the loud Arrowhead stage) has. The underline statements by Kansas City coach Andy Reid: “At that time they did Big Plays on both sides of the ball. They managed to slowly slow us (for Chiefs ratios only manageable six of eleven Third Downs mastered; As a result, we have to be careful now and make a much better job than then. Because they have beaten us – and that was not a dusel. They are just a good football team. ”

However, caution also applies, which concludes these statistics: Chiefs quarterback Mahomes has in the PostSeason a lightning balance of eight wins and no defeat – if the opposite does not mean Tom Brady (0: 2 here, once in the AFC final and once In Super Bowl 2021). His values: 25 touchdowns, five interceptions and another five out of Touchdowns.

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