Titz: “Have it built yourself”

After the most entertaining top match between the 1st FC Kaiserslautern and the 1st FC Magdeburg, FCK coach Antwerp was happy about a “outstanding appearance of his team”. Magdeburg’s coach Christian Titz, however, found his team have it

Shortly before the final whistle of the 2: 2 top game between Kaiserslautern and Magdeburg, the minds cooked again: several minutes the game was interrupted, there was chaos in front of the bank of the home team: “That was far too much people in my coaching zone, which belong Since everyone does not go, “FCK coach annoyed Antwerp after the final whistle at magentaSport.

Kaths Rüdes board

One foul was a foul of Magdeburg Florian Kath, who fetched with a bonded graft Muhammed Kiprit from his legs, referee Thorben sister showed only yellow. “I hurt me from the look. If the referee is red, then there is still rest,” Antwerp estimated the situation. “Then I do not think so much hustle and bust comes in. Of course, nobody of Magdeburg has something to look for anything in my coaching z1. You have to break together.”

Sporting was the 50-year-old but satisfied: “That was a game at eye level. Two top teams. We lie twice behind and equalize each. I already have to say a very superior appearance of my team,” said Antwerp. “You have to see what Magdeburg has brought the place today. This is an absolute top team, against which come back twice is outstanding.”

Unfortunately we have given a game unnecessarily out of hand, which we had over 50 minutes completely in the hand.

Christian Titz

FCM-Coach Christian Titz was rather crisp after wrapping: “Unfortunately, we have given a game unnecessarily out of hand, which we had over 50 minutes completely in the hand. We have built it yourself.” Magdeburg’s Alexander Bittroff was not satisfied with the appearance of his team: “I have to admit honestly, we did not make a good game. Were too applicable, too restless, have too little running the ball. We have infected us from the hustle Have led twice, but we can not be satisfied with the performance. “

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Nevertheless, the ordinary point pad of 12 counters have at least defended the leader of Magdeburg. Although the red devil still have a game in the hindquarters, but there is still no reason to see the direct rise at risk in Magdeburg.

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