Olympia Live: German medals in the slalom and biathlon?

On Wednesday, the German team hopes at the Olympics in Beijing on a medal in the slalom (from 6.45 clock) and in the biathlon season of women (8.45 clock). With around Olympia, there are all the decisions of the day in the Liveticker.

On Wednesday, the German team hopes at the Olympics in Beijing on a medal in the slalom (from 6.45 clock) and in the biathlon season of women (8.45 clock). With around Olympia, there are all the decisions of the day in the Liveticker.

The Olympic Winter Games live at Dazn!

Olympia today: the decisions of the day

Competition Result
** Freestyle: Slopestyle men
Ski Alpin: Slalom Men
Biathlon: Season Women

Cross Country: Team Prints Classic Women / Men |
Freestyle: Aerials men
Ice Hockey: Game for Bronze Women
Shorttrack: 1,500 meters women
Shorttrack: 5,000 meters tracking men

Olympia live on Tuesday: sports, competitions, schedule

An overview of the complete Olympic program on 16 February.

Time competition
2:05 Curling: preliminary women

Germany completes luge gold medal SWEEP with team relay win | Winter Olympics 2022 | NBC SPorts
2.30 clock | Freestyle: Slopestyle men
3.15 Ski Alpin: 1. Run Slalom Men – Liveticker
5.10 Ice Hockey: Final Finals Men USA – Slovakia
6.45 SKI Alpin: 2nd run slalom men
7.00 Hockey: Quarterfinal men Russia – Denmark
7:05 | Curling: preliminary round men
8.45 Biathlon: Season Women
9.40 clock | Hockey: Quarterfinal men Finland – Switzerland
10.15 Cross Country: Team Prints Classic Women / Men
12.00 pm | Freestyle: Aerials men
12.30 Ice Hockey: Game for Bronze Women
12.30 Shorttrack: 1,500 meters women, persecution 5,000 meters men
13:05 Curling: preliminary women
14.30 Hockey: Final Finals Men Sweden – Canada

Olympia – all important on Wednesday in the live ticker

3.10 – Slalom: It starts in five minutes, we offer you to the first and later also for the 2nd run a busy live ticker. This way! Since I take this at this early morning hours himself, it stays here for so long – I understand.

3.08 – Curling: Three games in the early session of the day run at the ladies: Canada leads against the US with 4: 1, South Korea against Switzerland with 2: 1, as well as Great Britain against China with 2: 1.

3.04 – Ice skating: New details in the “Case” Kamila Walijewa: According to the information of the new York Times were in the doping sample of the 15-year-old figure skater, three different substances have been discovered for the treatment of heart problems – a prohibited and two allowed. This is what a document presented in the hearing about the starting permission of the Russian in the individual competition of the winter games in Beijing before CAS.

Olympia compact: “From Olympia I do not take anything with”

Walijewa, who won the short program on Tuesday after the vortex and launched in the freestyle on Thursday as a favorite, had argued before the judges of the Ad-Hoc Commission of the Sports Court of Sports Court, her sample on the medium Trimetazidine had been contaminated by a medicament of her grandfather. This was confirmed by the Swiss Denis Oswald, chairman of the IOC Disciplinary Commission.

According to new York Times, Walijewas grandfather in a video message declared the Russian anti-doping authorities of the Rusada, he takes the drug trimetazidine to treat “attacks”. Russian media reported Walijewa said allegedly drunk from the same glass as her grandfather. Her mother said Walijewa take the substance hypoxes against cardiac arrhythmias. In addition, L-Carnitine appeared in the analysis, which can help against circulatory disorders.

2.57 clock – Slalom: From a German point of view but much more important: from 3.15 clock is Slalom – and there Linus Strasser, of course, expects some opportunities! He will go on the track in the first run as fifth, at 6.45 pm the medals are then distributed in the second run.

2.55 – Freestyle: I’m not really awake, the first medals of the day are already awarded in the slopestyle of the men. The first of three runs is running, it brings up the American Alexander Hall.

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2.50: Hello and welcome to around Olympia! Today I’m finally honored to guide you through the night. I’m looking forward – and from you!

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