Njie kicks back at Tasmania

The paths of SV Tasmania Berlin and Abu Njie separate themselves. The coach of the last unsuccessful northeast regional leader has even pulled the ripper, as the club communicated. A new coach is already fixed.

For a long time, Tasmania was allowed to cheer a threesome couple, on October 24, 2021 was a 2-1 against Energy Cottbus. And since then? A negative series of elf Siegless play with only two draws. In addition, the Berliners remained ten times without their own goal success during this period.

The result: coach Abu Njie and co-trainer Momar Njie explained their resignation. The difficult athletic overall situation in conjunction with professional and personal reasons had been crucial.

We take the retreat of Abu and Momar for the occasion to put a momentum from the outside again.

Hussein Ahmad

“In the fight for the class content, of course, the top priority team has – the withdrawal of Abu and Momar, we therefore take a reason to put a momentum from the outside again,” said the 2nd Chairman Hussein Ahmad, who present a successor to Thomas Franke with a successor could.

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Franke ran three times for Energie Cottbus three times for Energy Cottbus in the 2nd Bundesliga, has ten third-league games for Dynamo Dresden in his Vita and a total of 138 regional games for Neustrelitz, Offenbach, Viktoria and Tennis Borussia Berlin. Now the 34-year-old takes over at the coach bank at Tasmania. It is important to end the negative trend in front of the gate and on the points account.

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