[Reporter notebook] I am mourning Kim Jung-joo, who made my life game

Song Jae-kyung, who co-founded by Kim Jung-joo and Nexon, was a recall of Nexon’s founding at the interview with Games Mecca in 2013. “Someday Steve Jobs, Like Bill Gates,

The game industry is difficult to have a short history and average tightening, compared to other industries, compared to other industries. So, the Nexon founder who was heard on the day of the day, and the news of Kim Jung-ju NXC director was so sophisticated. The impacts of those who had a member of Kim and a personal friendship and memories would have been much more.

Kim Jung-joo, was born in 1968, and in 1986, in 1986, he admitted to Seoul National University Department of Computer Engineering. He met the Japanese game industry, which was the world’s highest level in Japan, and the Japanese Airlines (JAL) scholarship program, and the Japanese Airlines (JAL) scholarship program faced the Japanese game industry that was the world’s top level in Japan.

After that, he followed the Seoul National University of Computer Engineering Department of Seoul National University Department of Computer Engineering, and Song Jae-kyung, who was a friend, and Song Jae-kyung, who was a friend of Song Jae-kyung, and in 1996, in 1996, he decided to develop a country of the wind, co-founded Nexon with Song Jae-kyung. Song Jae-kyung Exel Games representative was the time to recall the time in the interview with Games Mecca.

“I have been told to have been afraid of Hangul and my computer, and I met the Koreans and the computer for the development of online games. I have been in a while since I had a good hand, I was going to make it. At the time, I was a student who had nothing to do. We succeeded in the foot of Jeongju, and I succeeded in receiving 50 million won investment through SCSC (Seoul National University Computer Study Club). It was the beginning of this. Since then, the Zhengzhou took the administrative tasks necessary for the start and business operations and took the execution of the expensive outsourcing tasks, and I was able to develop the development of the wind, and I was able to create a country of wind. “

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The country of the wind opened the membrane of the online game age, as the world ‘s first commercialized graphics MMORPG’. Since then, Kim Jong-joo led Nexon and has a variety of hit works such as Dark Legend, Quiz Quiz, Onelandia, Crazy Arcade, Cart Rider, Mabinogi, Crazy Arcade, Cart Rider, Mabinogi, Maple Story. Here, the quiz quiz gave a new momentum to the online game market that introduced partial payment models in the world and to succeed and the only time for the time and the only time.

Through the way Nexon’s pole, the domestic game industry has repeatedly growing a dazzling quantitative growth. While focusing on the PC package that was hit by the limit, focusing on online games, the size of the game market, which was 2,968.2 billion won in 2000, was 3 times higher than that of 8,679.8 billion won in 2005, 2005. Numerous online games were launched, and Korea, which was a small market in the game industry, was able to create a title called online game power and grown.

Since then, Nexon listed on the Tokyo stock market (1). The reason why not domestic, not in Korea, was a result of the idea of ​​Kim Isa, who had to go to the global market to have international competitiveness from the Japanese training that came to the school days. In 2012, Kim, a KOG Academy, held in Daegu, a Kim Director, has been stuck in Japan’s listing directly.

“Tokyo, Nasdaq, New York Market (compared to the local domestic market) is a big market for more than a few times. Because of that, it has been worried that a successful overseas advance and wants to do it properly in a stable and large market. Recently (Before and after 2010) Nintendo, Sony, and Konami, the situation of Japanese games such as Sony, and Konami, but still there are a lot of excellent things, and the Nexon’s IP was still weak. It was an instrument of listing. The Japanese listing is only one step for drawing a big picture, and in the future, Nexon Korea, Nexon China, and Nexon America, and a dream to establish a local corporation for each regional user all over the world.

Kim, director, has been replaced by Nexon Holdings (NXC), who has been in 2006, from 2006 to Japan, from 2006 to Japan. In 2013, he migrated NXC headquarters to Jeju and overview Nexon Computer Museum. And last year, in 16 years, he has been rejected by NXC representative directors,

At first glance, it seemed to be completely handed by game development and company management, and seemed to have a holding company as a holding company, but when we look at various officials and disclosure, Kim has been continuously encouraged Nexon’s new development and supported it from behind. In fact, in 2014, Kim, director of Kim, who climbs to the NDC 14 Talk Show section, “Nexon has no games last 10 years,” he said to the Nexon Japan Corporation Owen Mahooni representative,

Nexon Korea Lee Jeong-heon, also said, “I remember Kim Jung-ju,” I remember the president of the title of the title “I was a deceased that I was a deceased that I was loved by this society. I once again said that my chest is done again, “I said,” I said, “I said,” I said, “I said,” Kim and director told the journey as a member of Nexon. Lee Jung-jae was a CEO from Nexon’s CEO, Kim Jung-joo, I joined to.

Kim Jung-joo, who has established Nexon and leads the growth of the Korean game industry, has a significant impact on the whole society. As well as domestic and international gaming industry, Mouries’ posts are continuing in gamers, political rights, and social plans that have enjoyed Nexon games. The reporter is also a gamer that was a gamer that was joyful for about 25 years in the online game era, which he has given the door to the door.

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