Turtle Beach: Scout Air und ROCCAT SYN Buds Air Gaming

With the Turtle Beach Scout Air and Roccat Syn Buds Air Earbuds, new Earbuds for gambling have now been presented.

Turtle Beach and Roccat today presented the brand new wireless Gaming-Earbuds Scout Air and Syn Buds Air, which are ideally suited for playing via Project Xcloud.

Developed for mobile console and computer players and fans of both burns, both the Turtle Beach Scout Air and the Roccat Syn Buds Air with iOS, Android and other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Nintendo Switch, Windows PCs and Mac are compatible.

The game mode of the Scout Air and Syn Buds Air with a small latency of only 60 ms in the decisive audio recognition in the game helps. The Earbuds also offer a total battery life of a total of 20 hours and are according to IPX4 welding and water resistant, so listening to music or podcasts also not represents a problem during training.

The dual-microphone technology ensures clear voice input, and the supplied sets of different ears offer a comfortable fit with long gaming sessions.

Features such as customizable touch controls, the simple selection of EQ presets or the activation of the low latency game mode and the control of the battery status are via the audio hub app from Turtle Beach for the Scout Air and Via Syn Buds Air App from Roccat available.

The Wireless Earphones Scout Air of Turtle Beach and Syn Buds Air of Roccat can be pre-ordered from today at or as well as participating dealers worldwide to an EIA of 99.99 euros.

  • Syn Buds Air order from Roccat at Amazon

Both versions will be available worldwide on 21 March 2022 with participating traders worldwide.

Jürgen Strong, Chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation, said: “The market for mobile gaming grows 2021 to almost $ 100 billion US dollars and we continue to expand our portfolio of mobile gaming products, so gamers on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch the benefits of Turtle Beach and Roccat can use. In this Turtle Beach & Roccat, the Scout Air & Syn Buds Air Wireless Earbuds Present page 2/4 Expanding category Deliver Scout Air and Syn Buds Air Top audio quality, a clear sound and comfort at a level that the high demands of mobile consoles and computer players meet. “

Further details: The wireless Gaming-Earbuds Scout Air and Syn Buds Air have been developed for use with Bluetooth 5.1-enabled devices, Windows PCs and Mac. They offer a total reproduction time of 20 hours, of which five hours over the earphones and another 15 hours over the loading case. The loading case has a battery indicator and can recharge the Earbuds in just 15 minutes for five hours of battery life.

The Scout Air of Turtle Beach and the SYN Buds Air from RocCAT also have Game mode, which provides a 60 mS low latency feedback, ensuring critical audio recognition in the game.

The Scout Air and Syn Buds Air are ideally suited for use in the gym or outdoor thanks to their IPX4 certified welding and water-resistant design.

Built-in dual-microphone technology ensures crystal clear chat, and three sets of interchangeable ear inserts provide a secure, comfortable fit for all day use.

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