VFL Wolfsburg: Arnolds late assist

Maximilian Arnold is at the VfL Wolfsburg undisputed regular player, even though the 27-year-old has remained behind the expectations this season so far. After all, last weekend he succeeded his first assist – and in a ka

Maximilian Arnold | Skills and Goals | Highlights
“Of it,” says Maximilian Arnold, “I hear for the first time.” But the statistics do not answer: he, the Wolfsburg midfield engine, running and running and running. In this season already 276.28 kilometers (mileage and other statistics on the Bundesliga…). This is great in the Bundesliga, Frankfurt Djibril Sow (275.93 kilometers), however, is close to the heels. Arnold wants to put the lead with a wink with a wink: “I give my best,” he says, “but I do not play any different now, I’m trying to run so much so that I can help the boys.”

Arnold self-critical

He helped them especially last weekend. You can hardly believe it: His corner football, who came across the head of the Unionist Taiwo Awoniyi to the Wolfsburg victory goal in Berlin’s enclosure, was the first goal template Arnolds in this Bundesliga season. There are two of his own hits. Too little for someone like him, who posted three goals and six templates in the past season. “One asks: Hey, what’s going on?” Arnold admits after his late assist premiere this season that he himself is not satisfied with his previous yield, especially since he performs all the standards. He praised but improvement: “At the beginning of the season, the standards were not so good, I have to say that self-critical so. Meanwhile they have become better.” After Awoniyi, so Arnold, it should now be a team of players who recycle his balls.

A “new” teammate has been Arnold on his side for a short time: Xaver Schlager. With the Austrian he formed a very successful double six in the past season, now he is back to his cruciate ligament. “I’m glad he’s back,” says Arnold and reported by the growing understanding with the secondary man. “Everyone knew what the other does.” Now it still needs a bit, “until the old Xaver is back”. During its absence, Arnold mostly played with the 19-year-old Aster Vranckx at the side. The difference to hit? “By the fact that Aster is still very young, you have to be a lot of coaching. This is a learning process, because he is on his very good way.” A way Arnold has gone in recent years.

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