“Tatort” Cleaner Monfils Unnerted Medvedev

Outsider Gael Monfils hit Daniil Medvedev in Indian Wells – and Hievt Novak Djokovic back to the tennis throne.

With a crashing backward hand, the 35-year-old Frenchman used his sixth matchball to 4: 6, 6: 3 and 6: 1. Especially in the third set of developed Monfils the number one with a very variable game, again and again he switched between short slice balls and expanding strokes on Medvedev’s backhand side, so that the Russian was difficult to find his rhythm – or could use his dreaded counterpart.

Medvedev smashes the bat

The Mental Knackpunkt for Medvedev may have been at the beginning of the third sentence as it shot a simple forehand insuses and thus conceded the first break of the crucial passage. Medvedev looked up shortly to his box and then smashed pouting his bat on the hard space.

monfils cleans the “crime scene”

Good-Laun Uncle Monfils went 1-0 in the lead, the pages changed and then wiped the “crime scene” with his towel clean. When he was done, he grinned briefly and with a small excuse gesture to Medvedev over, who squeezed this smile tormented. A few minutes later it was 4: 0 for Monfils, Medvedev was completely the role. Although he then rejected five match balls, but also because he made double mistakes, was no longer thinking of a comeback of the Russian.

Djokovic sits on the couch – and from Monday again on the square on the sun

With this three-volume defeat, Medvedev also loses the place on the sun in the world ranking list, which will take back from Monday Novak Djokovic – and the quasi on the couch because the Serbe did not start in Indian Wells without giving reasons. Medvedev had room for three weeks.

Second victory against a number 1 – after 2009

For Monfil’s inde, the journey continues in the Californian desert – the Frenchman meets in the second round on the only 18-year-old Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz, who formally dismantled his better placed Landsmann Roberto Batista-Agut with 6: 2 and 6: 0. “Phew, that’s a hard match,” said Monfils after the victory against Medvedev. Only for the second time in his long, but also made of many injuries career he had beaten a number 1. For the first time he succeeded in 2009 in Doha – at that time against Rafael Nadal.

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