Surprise! Storm changes to title favorite Colorado

The German striker Nico Storm now plays for the Colorado Avalanche. The team from Denver committed the Augsburg on Wednesday afternoon (local time).

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In direct return with storm, Colorado Stürmer Tyson Jost abused the divisional rivals. As a result, General Manager Joe Sakic from the Avalanche also saved a little more than a million US dollars under the Salary Cap. Because Jost comes to a year salary of two million dollars, storm deserves to date “only” $ 725,000. The 26-year-old Germans comes in the current season 2021/22 to date on nine goals and eight templates and would reach a personal career battle brand in the NHL with his next scorer point (so far 17 points 2020/21). The two years younger Jost comes to 14 scorer points so far in the current season. Sakic had already taken care of the obligation of defensive specialist Josh Manson by the Anaheim Ducks for attention on the transfer market.

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