Youth League: BVB fails in the quarterfinals at Atletico

The BVB was for the first time in the quarterfinals of the Youth League, where was an excerpted Atletico terminus. Two penalties with different output made the difference.

Dortmund was motivated in the first Youth League quarterfinals of club history and put atletico early pressure. In the furious initial phase, Fink missed for a foul at Bynoe Gittens from the penalty point the lead – Alejandro Iturbe Encabo parished heavily (6.).

That was a wake up call for the guests who had a ten-minute tremendous phase afterwards. Dangerously, it was not in front of the gate of Borussen but not. For this, the Madrider goalkeeper had to intervene on the other side: Semic’s shot clarified Alejandro It turbe Encabo to the corner (25th).

Coulibaly plays ball and opponents

Borussia Dortmund U19 vs Atletico de Madrid U19 (0-1) Highlights | UEFA Youth League 2022

More efficiently showed largely low Rojiblancos. Coulibaly went to impetuous in his own penalty area against Salim El Jebari El Hannouni, so referees Julian Weinberger showed the point again. Unlike Fink, Javier Curras Caballero retained the nerves and met for the lead (31.). Since the Borussians had difficulties in the closeness to create opportunities, it remained at the 0: 1 until the break.

After the restart, the hosts continued to serve heavily: until the last third, Atletico had granted the Dortmund, but closed in the dangerous zone shortly before the penalty area.

Aluminum bad luck for Bynoe Gittens

For this reason, the time ran down – without great possibilities for the Borussen. Only in the final phase was a large part of the 19,300 spectators in the signal-iduna park the scream on the lips. But a Bynoe gospel free kick only clapped the lath (71.).

Only five minutes later, Fink appeared free in front of Alejandro It turbe Encabo. His lifter clarified David Navarro Exposito in front of the line – the hit would not have been counted anyway, because Fink had previously been out of the way.

Dortmund’s coach Tullberg was offensive and brought, among other things, Rijkhoff, who should be the focus just before the end: after a counterattack over Fink and Rothe, the Joker grasped freestanding from eleven meters (89.). Since Atletico in the screening time, the numerous standards of BVB lost away, the Dortmund journey ended in the quarterfinals – but still it was the best performance of Borussia in this competition.

Incidentally, some players of the squad have the opportunity to write history in the Youth League: Rothe, Collins, Bynoe Gittens, Rijkhoff, Walz, Kamara, Husseck, Cisse, Bamba and Mane are still for the next season the U 19 entitled to play.

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