Tim Lobinger ill again at cancer

The former rod highscher Tim Lobinger fights again for his life: The 49-year-old is the cancer back.

“My little son is enrolled this year, my daughter marries in the summer. If you have that in mind and know, you probably do not experience it anymore… that’s terrible.” Lobingers words at the magazine “Colorful” can be found.

Strongly deposited Lobinger: “Thanks to science, I’m sitting here today”

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That he meets such statements has his reasons. Because Lobinger weighs only 68 kilos with a height of 1.93 meters.

“Lifetime” is therefore a great desire for Lobinger, who was in his career world and European champion in the hall. And he has hope: “almost exactly five years ago, on March 3, 2017, I received the diagnosis of leukemia. I told me: ‘You stay three to five years in the optimal case if scientifically nothing happens.’ Now are five years around. And thanks to science, I sit here today. “

If my chance is only one percent, I grab it. I sit down on that. I am a fighter.

Tim Lobinger

“If my chance is only one percent, I grab her. I sit on that. I am a fighter, for me, my family and my friends,” said the bold Lobinger in addition. When he turns back two, three years through the therapies, “there is certainly another other eighty time that can help me.”

After his first leukemia-illness, a stem cell transplant lobing rescued lives.

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