Can the BVB already do without Marco Reus and Mats Hummels?

After an expected title-rose season, the calls of Borussia Dortmund the calls for a larger personnel change is louder.
Two stimulants are captain Marco Reus in this context and defense boss Mats Hummels, where the

After an expected title-rose season, the calls of Borussia Dortmund the calls for a larger personnel change is louder. Two stimulus figures are captain Marco Reus in this context and defense boss Mats Hummels, in which the ghosts divorce. Should the BVB stick to the two routiners or let them pull?

Who has followed the headlines around Marco Reus and Mats Hummels since the beginning of the year, could easily conclude that the two long-standing leaders in Dortmund are only in the way. Each three DFB legends, the BVB duo recently questioned.

The beginning made Lothar Matthäus, who determined in mid-February at “SKY90” that the Westfalen would be missing “a real leader”. “The leaders have to do with themselves. Mats Hummels is often injured, Marco Reus struggles with himself and has no constancy. And such players should then lead the team? Very difficult,” the 61-year-old.

At least at Reus, Felix Magath, meanwhile Interim coach at Hertha BSC, agreed to the record international. He was “astonished” as the team captain is perceived in public, said the former chef coach of FC Bayern. “If there was something for international matches, he was not there. At Borussia Dortmund he won the trophy twice. But if that’s the scale for a top player, I do not know,” Magath explained his view.

Mario Basler, in turn, recently did not leave a good hair at Hummels. To the decision of national coach Hansi Flick, not to nominate the defender for the international matches against Israel and the Netherlands, said the 1996 European champion in the “double pass”: “I’m far away from bringing him back. I believe that at Mats the time international is over. There you should not get around it anymore, that he still comes back. It has decided that he is no longer there. “

So polemically the explanations of the critics may also come, they meet a wound point. Because: Reus and Hummels are – not least because of their injury susceptibility – for many Borussia fans and experts no longer undiminished. Some of one would endure a soon goodbye of the professionals bound only until summer 2023.

BVB: Hummels and the two sides of the medal

But can two such experienced players who have already convinced this season can actually be exchanged so easily?

Hummels, whom his tempo deficits are accused regularly, has completed cross-competition 30 games. 18 of them were won, eight more lost, four times the encounters remained without winner. No outstanding quota, but not a catastrophic.

Especially since a player only in the rarest cases is solely responsible for a defeat. Nevertheless, Hummels often came into crossfire after setbacks, then the backing of coach Marco Rose did not help.

Now it is not possible to point out that Hummels has lost hydration, not only from age, but also for injury. The knees prepare new problems for the 33-year-old every few weeks.

Mats Hummels has always struggling with blessurs

I pack my safe | Mats Hummels vs. Marco Reus
Bummel is non-doubt about every doubt. No other central defensive player of Borussia has comparable qualities in the game structure.

In this respect, a separation after the season for the BVB bosses would also be associated with a risk, because a replacement would be guaranteed expensive. Time away, apart from official circles, no hints have been made, which could indicate a premature end of Hummels’ second Dortmund episode.

Reus’ values at BVB are still extraordinary

No German worse is Marco Reus internally. No wonder: 349 mandatory games, 153 goals (second-time in the history of BVB), 108 assists – the balance of offensive allrounder in the Borussia jersey is exceptional. In the current season, the native of Dortmund collected 13 hits and templates each in 34 inserts. But his working paper ends 2023.

Reus himself stressed only a few weeks ago that he would like to extend again. “I’ve been extending my contract twice, especially in times when it is not very much rural athlete. Why should not I do it now?” Said the 32-year-old the “picture on Sunday”. He would like to finish his career in Dortmund.

Despite all this, the situation is not as clear as she may look at the first glance, after all, Reus tanks to the burdens of his professional career again and again. In addition to multiple compulsory breaks, which bring him out of rhythm, the allegation is all the charge to dive into important duels too often, hard on the team leader.

Critics think that the achievements of the national player no longer justify his lush salary (allegedly more than ten million euros P.A.). In the case of an extension, Reus would actually have to accept losses.

On the other hand, the extremely high opinion, the players and staff seem to have from the Routinian – at least, if one can believe the interviews and social media profiles believe. Boy praise him like old colleagues in the highest tones, from Jude Bellingham to Axel Witsel to Erling Haaland.

BVB from trend-setting negotiations

Both Hummels and Reus, in the upcoming negotiations with Matss director Michael Zorc and Co., should now be crucial as they see their role in BVB in the coming years. Possed both without salary on a punch warranty, their time could end up in black and yellow.

Basically, in both cases, however, more for a whereabouts in Dortmund – whether with or without extension. After all, the two executives at Borussia are still feeling well according to their own statement, with their bosses, they again enjoy the highest appreciation.

And still in the squad of the Westphalia, that must also have to recognize Matthäus and Co., no players who would make Marco Reus and Mats Hummels already renounceable.

Heiko Lükehus

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