Fast & Furious Crossroads is removed from the sale, less than two years after the launch

Bandai Namco has announced that it will retire from the sale Fast & Furious Crossroads on April 29.
As of this day, the game can no longer be purchased or PC, nor in PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the platforms in which it is now available.
At the moment, players will continue to use the game, rediscover it if they have it purchased and access the downloadable content.
The closing date of the servers has not yet been announced.
The title premiered last summer of 2020 and focuses on action and driving, including a history mode inspired by movies with several of the most popular characters.

We Bought Fast & Furious Crossroads...And Then We Refunded It

However, the reception was quite negative, which may have precipitated the withdrawal of the game and its support.

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