Racket smashed, punishment conceded: Kyrgios once again out of the edge and band

Nick Kyrgios once again showed how much his explosive temperament hinder his sporting progress. Against Jannik Sinner he lost the socket – and the secondary finale in Miami.

The Australian Tennis-Profi has lost its eighth finale against Jannik Sinner and how often in his career in Miami in Miami and how often in his career.

Because of several rays, the 26-year-old conceded a dot punishment in the Tiebreak of the first sentence. Cyrgios continued to complain about the too loud micro of the referee, the sounds disturbed him such that he provided a word of words with the chair referee. “How can something like that happen in the fourth round of a Masters tournament?” Kyrgios asked annoyed.

How can this happen in the fourth round of a Masters tournament?

Nick Kyrgios

The verbal skirmish brought Kyrgios in such a way that he finished the Tie-Break with a double error (3: 7) and sinner in the lead. While the South Tyrolean was satisfied with the bank of the side of the bank and enjoyed the shadow, Kyrgios went hot. Another word battle with the referee followed before he smashed his racket and applauded the referee nodely.

Break on the bench

Nick Kyrgios abuses Umpire badly and Smashes Racquet after getting Point Penalty - MIAMI OPEN 2022

He then had Kyrgios’ fax finally full and punished the Australian, who had opened the second round with a firing game, directly with a crop. Instead of going to be able to go, he conceded on the bench sitting the break – the pendulum clearly banged for Sinner, who cared for the match with 6: 3.

Selfie after playing: Nick Kyrgios and a fan. Getty Images

Despite his escapades, Kyrgios continues to stand up in the course in some spectators – a spectator he gave his broken racket, which surrounded the object joyful to the height. In addition, after playing, a viewer ran to the Court to shoot a selfie with Kyrgios.

The quarterfinals he had reached a week ago in Indian Wells and lost to the later finalist Rafael Nadal in three sentences, thus remains his best result this year. In January’s home grand slam in Melbourne, he lost in four sentences in January in the second round against Daniil Medvedev.

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