Eight episodes: Netflix films the tour 2022

The Tour de France 2022 gets an aftermath: Since March Netflix already turns on a documentary over the tour.
Next year, the eight-part series should be seen.

After Formula 1 now the Tour de France: The streaming service Netflix is dedicated with its own Doku series to the next major sporting event. This year’s France tour (July 1 to July 24) becomes the hanger of a series that will include eight episodes and appear in the first half of 2023. The Netflix and the Tour Organizer A.S.O. with.

The viewer should get an insight that challenge the tour for the drivers, “with a view of the suffering that go to the borders and the team spirit,” said Managing Director Yann Le Moenner of ASO: “This project is part of our plan, with our sport to achieve an even larger audience. “

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A total of eight teams are accompanied in the months before the tour, including the German Rennstall Bora-Hansgrohe with Maximilian Schachmann and Nils Polit. The filming run since March and extend until the end of the tour. Netflix works for the documentation with the public-law TV Institute France Television. The series is produced by the Joint Venture Quadbox, where the creators of the Formula 1 documentation Drive to Survive are involved.

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