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Animal Crossing Trick makes you rich – sells money for more money

An ACNH fan has discovered a new trick that makes you rich quickly and conveniently and for whom you do not need to use glitch.

Sell money for money and be rich? Yes, that goes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and even without a glitch. In order to float formally in Staris, you can exploit a very regular game technology analysis.

So you will quickly get rich in ACNH

It’s about it: We betrayed you a trick a few weeks ago, in which you can be rich in staris by means of donation box. However, a redditor named Majesty1985 has now discovered a new method that works even easier and faster. In doing so, you sell the bill pyramid extremely profitably. The fan indicates to have come to 3 million in 10 minutes from 300k.

For the trick you need a few things:

  • First, you need the craft instructions for the Item Money Light Pyramid.
  • Pro pyramids that you want to make, you also need three 99,000 sterni sacks, ie 297,000 staris.
  • You should also enable the SeverePrice Ordinance that you can set for 20,000 Staris in Melindas Service Center. This increases the sales value of the items.
  • Then it is still for luck, because the bill pyramid must be a top purchase in Nooks.

Animal Crossing Channel explains the individual steps in the video (observed the correction in comment):

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That’s how you check

The point with the top purchase can require some patience, but it’s worth it, because Nepp and tows are ready to desire you. If you invest 297,000 sternis for a pyramid, you will get an offer over 356,400 staris. So you earn just under 60,000 sternis per item.

TRICK Ideal use: Since you can wear 4 million staris at once, it is best to process 3 million staris to pyramids, sells these at Nooks and repeats that again and again. So that it goes faster and more convenient, you should have a workbench and a cash machine right next to the store. Then only remains: have fun with your stari blessing.

How do you earn your money so far in ACNH and will you use the new trick?

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