Stealth thief ACT “The whirlpool of the house-kamiwaza Tourai

In order to save an intractable daughter, the end of the hero to throw the robbery road again.

Acjia announced that the Stealth Thief Action “ Defftery-kamiwaza Tourai- ” was released in the fall of the Fall 2022 for PS4 / Nintendose.

Thief | Stealth Walkthrough | Master | 100% Loot | Part.6 | House Of Blossoms

This work is the HD remastered version of “Dance-kamiwaza-” released for PS2 in 2006. In order to earn his daughter’s psychics that had an intractable disease, once a thief who washed his feet again, the protagonist “Shrimp” and a variety of characters that surround him are drawn.

A shrimp, a “tissue”, kills and pushing robbers, etc. “Stealing products that are decorated by a traditional and stealing with a brilliant continuous technique” and “Surring the valuables from the person’s nostalgic product” “Surruing to the town of town”, etc. You have to work on stealing. Any stealing and what acts to make the end of the story will change.

In this work that is a remastered version, it realizes image quality improvement by texture refinement and high resolution with full HD. In addition, adjustments such as adding auto save function and adjustment of various tutorials are also made to make it easier to play as it is.

“Defft-kamiwaza Tourai-” is scheduled to be released in Fall 2022 for PS4 / Nintendose switches.

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