Roman Bürki: Have Situation at BVB perceived as difficult

Roman Bürki has spoken in an interview with the Ruhr news about his situation in BVB in recent months and referred to as difficult.
One should just see the man behind it, the 31-year-old said: It’s on every FA

Roman Bürki has spoken in the interview with the ruhr news via his situation at BVB in recent months and referred to as “difficult”. “You should just see people behind,” said the 31-year-old, “It’s definitely not just for me.”

The goalkeeper recently learned a lot about football and the business behind it. “That can be a tall and make a change bath of the feelings from one day,” the Swiss told: “If you extend a contract in football, of course, you will be told that you count on you. And yet it is one year later already look very different. “

Thanks, Roman! | Roman Bürki leaves Borussia Dortmund

He came back from the holiday “and was no longer number 1, but number 38”. Its guess should be that there should be changes in the squad, with which “a different direction hit”, “which is likely to see other positions in the next few years”.

Hollyched Bürki found: “I have given everything, but that has not led to a real chance. I had to learn to free myself from this everlasting pressure.” Nevertheless, he is not angry with BVB: “On the whole, I would give this time a very positive touch.”

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From the coming summer Bürki plays in the US at the new MLS club St. Louis City SC. In Dortmund, the goalkeeper looks back on two cup wins and a supercoupler.

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