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Leity Levels Guide Leias Plans from Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

There are six Kyber bricks to unlock at each Lego Star Wars level: Saga Skywalker.
One by completing the level, three by filling the indicator of

There are six Kyber bricks to unlock at each level of Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker. One by completing the level, three by filling the bolt indicator until you reach True Jedi, one for collecting all miniKits and one by completing the three level challenges. In this guide, we will show you how to get all miniKits and challenges, as well as we will also describe which characters are unlocked by completing Leia’s best plans in EPISODIO IV.

The locations of the minikits of the approach party: Lego Star Wars: the Saga Skywalker

For collecting the five minikits at Best Leia’d Plans, you will unlock the Imperial Tie Fighter (micro).

The best minikit of Leia’s plans # 1

After taking the turbocker to the upper level, turn around and go back through the elevator, moving away from the room where the detention center opens. Hang on the left and there is a minikit just behind the door.

The best minikit of Leia’D plans # 2

Go to the fourth level (the room according to your hologram map) and take the clothesline in the center. Collect the card that is on the floor and returns to the hall. Insert the card into the card reader and take the blue power core of the inner wall. Replace the power core in the groove of the corridor where it saw that the Stormtrooper took it and you will find a minikit behind the door.

The best minikit of Leia’D plans # 3

Once the ladder goes up to the fourth level, turn and grab the wall behind you, you will find an entrance to a hidden room with an emperor hologram inside. Destroy the boxes next to the door, then reconstruct them and you will have your next minikit.

The best minikit of Leia’D plans # 4

On the fourth floor, one of the balconies has two barriers traversed. Let yourself fall from the balcony and go to the niche below to grab another minikit.

The best minikit of Leia’s plans # 5

Destroy the three MSE droids they roam. One is in the hall surrounding the second level. One is in the hallway surrounding the fourth level. The third is located in the room hidden at the fourth level where you find the hologram of the emperor.

Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker The best level challenges of Leia’D plans

  • Bored conversation anyway – break the panel of the console to cut the Empire Captain. Destroy the console panel in the sixth floor in the middle of the room, you will need a scoundrel to do this completely.

  • Malfunction of mild weapons – Eliminates the guards from the detention block as a true scoundrel.

  • Your weapon, you will not need it – crosses the first floor without being detected. Stay like a Villain or a Sith character all the time, do not disparate any of the assault soldiers and do not break things unnecessarily.

Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker The best unlocked characters from Leia’d Plans

At the end of Best Leia’d plans, you will unlock the following characters when completing the level for the first time:

* Han only (Stormtrooper – without helmet)

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