Matthias Jöllenbeck after error: correction desirable

At the 2: 1 between Augsburg and Mainz, above all, a mistakened penalty for conversation provided.
Referee Dr.
Matthias Jölenbeck stopped immediately – he gave his mistake and had solutions for the future ready.

It was the scene at the important Augsburg victory in the catch-up game: In the 10th minute Florian Länlechner went after a technical mistake of guest Keeper Robin Zentner in the penalty area to the ground, but already before the fauxpas, – there was a penalty, the Jeffrey Gouweleeuw Surely turned. The game was thus initiated with a referee mistake.

These were almost two worlds – a clear mistake, yes

Dr. Matthias Yöllenbeck

Even after the final whistle was the scene on everyone’s lips, remarkably rendered Referee Dr. Matthias Jölenbeck immediately after the game at “Sky”. Already his first sentence said a lot: the situation he has “seen live and in halftime, and I have to say: those were almost two worlds – a clear mistake, yes.” The 35-year-old doctor from Freiburg also remained faithful to his honest vein. He could not have given penalty, he did not have a doubt of that in an interview. He finally took “my cap” happened.

The referee has a guess why the Var has not intervened

Yöllenbeck also had a lot to say. On the one one, he explained that the Var Tobias Stieler had probably not intervened because “I may have not described the perception on the courtly clean enough. And that’s why it may not be clear what was seen. He himself only heard that” that Florian Lechnerner plays the ball and then there is a hit “. This was after the view of the pictures” but by no means sufficient for a penalty “.

Match Game 75 (Episode 610) (Dale BLANK) (Match Game PM Error?)

The referee therefore questioned the behavior of Var Stieler. A “clear hits” on Lechtechner was by no means visible. “I would have wished for me to be corrected. No matter what I say,” he said in the direction of his assistant. Contact between the two did not exist yet, but this will follow soon. Finally, in the interest of all, “that such penalties do not persist” and the cause of the error will be found. “Again, I do not see a clear hit.”

Would have wanted to search the conversation with Lechtechner?

Ultimately, the Lechtechner could have been questioned on the field as Jüllenbeck admitted. But he has not seen the clear pictures yet. “I would have liked to do it, but in the game is steady that you can pass the chance. For the future you have to say: that could have saved me today, yes,” Castle of the angry Freiburg, who also closed with Mainz -Coach Bo Svensson apologized.

But it must also be stated that Lechtechner told “Sky” to have perceived a touch. “If you see it, it’s not a penalty, but it was not swallow,” he said finally. In the game, the striker would probably have not seen any mistake.

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