Schmidt misses the absolute desire in Mainz

It draws like a red thread through the second half: Mainz 05 plays two different 45 minutes.
Also at the 0: 0 against the VFB Stuttgart it was only after the side change.

As much fires, as coach Bo Svensson showed shortly before the pauses on the sideline and the sixth yellow card of the season made sure sports director Martin Schmidt would have wished by the players on the square: “The absolute will to play on the victory, I missed today. In the relegation battle you have the knife between the teeth. Even if you play in top, a sharpness is there. “

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This phenomenon employs the Mainzer, which are in the table beyond good and evil, in the past weeks again and again. It was done before the game against the VfB Stuttgart everything was arranged for a large football festival. For the first time for over two years, all places were occupied again in the arena and, with a glorious sunshine, 30,128 visitors in the stadium, including many fans of VfB Stuttgart, so that a magnificent picture gave up on the ranks.

You have to find a way, not only from the table to draw the necessary motivation.

Bo Svensson

What the spectators got to see just in the first round on the lawn, however, was a quorful bolzerei. “There is very much missing from what else uses us. No dual beam guide and we had a bad attitude,” criticized Svensson. “You have to find a way not only from the table to pull the necessary motivation,” he also calls for the fans. “One must not forget that not too long ago no spectators in the stadium…”

“We are not with the willingness and power we made in. Also defensively against the ball we were too hesitant and did not do what we usually do with home games,” Stressed Torkeeper Robin Zentner, who with good reactions prevented a residue.

“It was a lot of spas,” gave defensive chair Stefan Bell, “in the second half we have turned up a gear.” For the first victory according to only one counter from three away games in series it was not enough, but after all for the 39th point of the season.

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