Glasner: If we do not bring our best possible performance, we have no chance

With a lot of self-confidence in the luggage, the Eintracht landed on Wednesday afternoon in Barcelona.
A question mark is still behind the use of midfield strategists Djibril Sow.

Personnel has to make Frankfurt’s coach Oliver Glasner compared to the first leg at least a change, since interior-back TETUA is missing after his yellow-red card locked. Almamy Toure will probably take this job.

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Hinteregger could move to the right

“We have a few variants in the head,” says the coach – and strengthens the back, “I do not have to fully loll him for ten hours, that he brings his performance tomorrow. Almamy has trained great all the time and was always there. If he plays from the beginning, he has our full trust. ” As a further possibility, Glasner calls the possibility that Martin Hinteregger moves to the right into the triple chain and poorly defends Makoto Hasbe.

I do not have to pretend him for ten hours that he will please his performance tomorrow.

Oliver glassner

Sow flown – mission decides at short notice

Also open is the use of midfield strategists Djibril Sow. The Swiss national player went against Freiburg last matchday (1: 2) because of a crush in the knee after half an hour from the field, but rose on Wednesday but in the plane to Barcelona. Whether he can play, decides only on Thursday.

A failure of a so would be a herber loss, because the 25-year-old is not only one of the continuing professionals of the Bundesliga, but always plays good, precise balls behind the opposing defensive chains. It will also arrive at Camp Nou, so that Filip Kostic, Jesper Lindström and Ansgar Knauf can play their pace.

Glasner demands an increase compared to first leg

Glasner calls for even better performance than in the first leg, especially in the offensive game, his team still had to grow. “In the game, it was a decent performance, but we certainly have air up to finish the situations and exploit our scorchances. It will be important to be efficient,” emphasizes the 47-year-old. He knows: “If we do not bring our best possible performance, we have no chance.”

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