Association Court confirms the recording status in the last instance

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After starting at the beginning of March in the first instance by the Sports Court of the West German Football Association (WDFV) that the championship game between red-white food and the SC Prussia Münster with 2: 0 in favor of the SC Prussia Münster with 2: 0 in favor of the SC Prussia is considered, confirmed on Thursday evening the Association Court in the last instance this decision. This final decision has previously been preceded by an almost three-hour oral proceedings in which the Eagle Club was again represented by Simeon Scheuermann by the Lawyer Society of Duvinage from Munich. An objection against this decision is no longer possible and the rating in favor of the SC Prussia are final.

“We are glad that we finally complete this unsightly chapter and now fully concentrate on the season end spurt. Above all, we are facilitated that all those affected are again complaints and can pursue their passion and work, “said sport director Peter Niemeyer following the negotiation, where he also managing director Bernhard Niewöhner, Teum Manager Harald Menzel and Player Jannik Borgmann as a witness on site in Duisburg.

What happened? On the 26th matchday, the regional garden game between Rot-Weiss had to eat and the SC Prussian Münster at the level of 1: 1 in the 75th minute initially interrupted and subsequently canceled. From the home block of the Essen, a Böller was thrown towards the field, which landed immediately behind our substitutes. Two substitutes were so seriously injured that they could no longer have been used. A continuation of the game under regular conditions was therefore no longer possible. After intensive consultations between the clubs and the referee, the game was finally aborted.

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