NBA playoffs: Dallas Mavericks are subject UTAH Jazz at Doncic Comeback Dramatic

What a thriller in Salt Lake City!
With 4 points, the Dallas Mavericks led 39 seconds before the end of Utah Jazz, marriage Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gotbert and Co. but still succeeded in the same victory for 2-2 series compensation.
The comeback of Luka

What a thriller in Salt Lake City! With 4 points, the Dallas Mavericks led 39 seconds before the end of Utah Jazz, marriage Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gotbert and Co. but still succeeded in the same victory for 2-2 series compensation. The comeback of Luka Doncic managed, however, would not be crowned.

Since Mitchell replied with a three-point game on a threesome of Doncic, Dwight Powell awarded two free throws and found Mitchell Gobert to the Dunk, the series moves completely open back to Dallas. The performance of Doncic still impressed. In the first game after his calf injury he put 30 points and 10 rebounds for good odds (11/21 FG, 4/10 3FG) and was directly the focus of the MAVS game.

All Dallas starters scored two-digit, Jalen Brunson increased to a weak initial phase on 23 points (7/18 FG), Spencer Dinwiddie disappointed from the bench (5, 2/9 FG). Maxi glue foul after only 18 minutes with 3 points and 6 rebounds.

At the jazz, Reservist Jordan Clarkson (25, 9/16 FG) was the sole entertainer, in the final quarter, Mitchell had strong actions (23, 7/21 FG, 2/10 3FG). Gobert dominated in the zone (17 and 15, 5 offensive books), but set 9 of his 18 free throw besides.

Dallas Mavericks vs Utah Jazz Full Game 4 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

Doncic returned for Dinwiddie to Starting Five (no changes in Utah) and served in the first attack of the MAVs directly Powell for lightweight points under the basket. A few seconds later he had collected his first foul and his first counter in the account. Doncic prompted the game immediately his stamp, but the Mavericks missed it after a 13: 5 start to continue to settle. This prevented a strong Mitchell (12 points in Q1) as well as a weak tripartite quota from Dallas (3/14 vs. 3/8 after Q1). The most recently so strong glue had to go out after a good three minutes with three fouls. 24:23 Jazz after twelve minutes – completed with a 19: 10-Run.

Also in the episode, the guests were difficult to find a rhythm. Especially Dinwiddie did not want to succeed. Juancho Hernangomez caused the first 8-point leadership, Josh Green answered by threesome. In this phase, however, the MAVs did not find an answer to Clarkson, who attacked the zone again and again from the midrange. A Floater of Mitchell set to +10, while the Mavericks allowed too many mistakes, it was supposed to note that this is the last chance to come back to the series. Doncic made a stepback threesome as well as a floater with the buzzer for damage limitation, 54:42 jazz for the break.

Mitchell on Gobert! Mavericks give great chance to 3-1

In the third quarter it did not take long until the MAVs were completely back in the game and the audience became more restless. Finney-Smith met from Downtown – his first goal of the game -, a few seconds later, Doncic submitted (-6). The ball at Dallas moved better, the result were open throws. DFS set in FastBreak to 57:59. 5 points of Roye O’Neade short-term relief at Utah, also Gobert had good actions during an 8: 0 run. But Dallas also met the sixth threesome of the neighborhood and Finney-Smith caused the perimeter for the first lead since the final phase of the first quarter. Also in the minutes without Doncic, the MAVs looked good: 81:78 Dallas after 36 minutes.

Over three minutes, the teams needed in the fourth neighborhood to score for the first time, Gobert sank a Alley Oop. The MAVs left several open threesome, Clarkson made only out of the distance and was then fouled by Brunson at the threesome. The Sixth was essential for Utah remained in the game. Gobert gave the jazz several second opportunities or moved free throw (however, the joy of the Mavs-Bank some out). Doncic met from the midrange, but also took unnecessarily severe throws. The MAVs hardly managed to secure defensive rebounds.

Brunson left a completely open layup, Powell picked up the rebound and made the line for the lead. Mitchell and Doncic expanded baskets. Then Isolated Doncic against Gobert and needed the MAVs 39 seconds before the end of Downtown with 4 points in front. On the other hand, Mitchell succeeded with a little luck the three-point game against Doncic. Powell awarded both free throws, Mitchell served well by praise to the far open Dunk, Dinwiddie left the last chance – Airball! Victory Jazz.

The most important statistics of the game

Utah Jazz (5) – Dallas Mavericks (4) 100: 99 (Boxscore), Series: 2-2

  • 31.7 percent from the field, 20.8 percent from the triple line, 3/15 of Dinwiddie and Brunson – that jazz led “only” with 12 points came the same with 12 points. Whole 22 times the householders went to the line and left a lot (15/22), yet the distance from the point of view of Mavericks could have looked much worse.
  • Speaking Brunson: The hope was great that the Shooting Star by the comeback of Doncic could build in a slightly smaller role to his strong achievements or even act even more efficiently, he found very badly in the game. Four minutes before the break, he scored his first points out of the field, the threesome did not fall. Through some trips to the frewurflinie he was able to earn a little confidence and showed a good performance in halftime.
  • Also from the fact that Spencer Dinwiddie moved back to the bank through the comeback of Doncic, the MAVs could not beat capital. Dinwiddie was at half time at 0 points! The colleagues Green, glue and Bertan hardly made it better. The deficit of 8:19 could not catch up in Dallas during the second half. The Bank Duel ended with 35:13 for Utah – which of course was primarily at Clarkson.
  • Made the jazz in the two defeats, especially from the triple area a too high deficit, the matter was at least balanced this time. Dallas sinked 15 threesome (of 44.1 percent), Utah 10 (of 35, 28.6 percent). In combination with the advantages in the zone as well as the clear obesity in the free throws (26/42 vs. 18/23), the game was thus up to the final seconds.

Jazz Vs. Mavs: The votes to the game

Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz) To the last play of the MAVs: “We wanted to bring the ball from Luka’s hands, he had hit a few big throws, we wanted to make sure he has to fit and have defended the litter very well “

The Star of the Game: Jordan Clarkson (Utah Jazz)

Gobert and Mitchell were it who had the fingers in the game in the final minutes at the crucial scenes. But the microwave would have not delivered in particular in the middle of the fourth quarter, the game would have been out of reach at this time. Clarkson made his best game in the series, sinked 3 of his 5 threesome and came with +18 on the far plus / minus of all players.

The Flop of the Game: Spencer Dinwiddie (Dallas Mavericks)

The bank of Mavericks throughout the disappointed, but above all the ex-wizard had been much more expected. That his last litter did not even touch the ring was symptomatic. Even with him the plus / minus does not deceive (-14). There must be more in game 5!

The scene of the game

A few seconds earlier, the threesome of Doncic had stood at 99:94, but it should come differently. Powell left two free throws that jazz made the game fast and Mitchell found a wide open Gobert. Gamewinner!

Mavericks vs. Jazz: The series at a glance (2-2)

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 16. April 19 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz 93:99
2 19. April 2.30 clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz 110: 104
3 22. April 3 o’clock Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks 118: 126
4 23. April 10.30 pm Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks 100: 99
5 26. April 3:30 pm Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz
6 29. April TBD Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks
7 * 1. May TBD Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz

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