Werder Bremen | Ole Werner before reunion with Holstein

The requirements for a rise in the 2nd league knows OLE Werner from the preseason with Holstein Kiel, but the starting situation with Werder Bremen is another.
Whatever he has taken for this season phase, he explains, among other things

Ole Werner laughs. “The same question was just put me in a private phone call,” he replies. And, is the coach of the SV Werder Bremen now better prepared for this situation – because he already played with Holstein Kiel in the preseason for the ascent? “A realization I have taken is that you can get into the door again and again in this league,” says the 33-year-old. And three games (where a lot could happen) are still out in the 2nd league.

FC Schalke 04 - SV Werder Bremen 1:4 | Pressekonferenz

Other situation with Werder than still with Holstein

This may also be a reason that Werner itself, after the 4-1 victory of his team in the top game on Schalke, spoke of a “giant step” towards the rewriting to the Bundesliga, but also clearly pointed out that the “next step Kiel is “. Holstein Kiel, the coming Bremen opponent on Friday (18.30 clock). Werner was active there a total of 15 years, as a player, youth coach, finally professional trainer. The past second league season with his ex-club he finished as such in third place, in the relegation one fails ultimately but on the 1st FC Cologne. With Werder, fresh back on table spot one, the starting situation around the ascent is not only for this reason a completely different.

Werner and the perspective from the outside

“The fact that these circumstances were so extraordinary one year ago, it is difficult to draw parallels,” explains Werner with regard to the two-time process that the entire Kiel team had to go in Corona quarantine: “I was permanently asked as a psychological construction helper What’s in the dimensions “, in Bremen,” now is not the case “. In particular, at that time, Werner benefited the personal collaboration with a psychologist, which he relies on today again around every four weeks: “It’s about the fact that I have a perspective from the outside, which serves my opinion formation and helps me to make decisions meet.”

Werner: “… then we can drag from it”

The Werder coach assumes that the topic of psychology, “the more it is towards the season finale and the less time remains to correct results”, even now becomes a weighty meaning – and emphasizes in this context: “I hold it For important, that you always have a look at what you have done so far and that you are appreciates. In this way you keep your self-confidence, his joy. We now have the chance to create the rise at the end of the season. The mental focus is – then we can also pull it through. “

_ In the Ole Werner interview of the Monday edition (already available digitally on Sunday evening as _ _ emagazine _ ) also speaks Ole Werner about the first meeting with sports chief Frank Baumann, personal learning needs, friendly relations with players, humor – and a possible era as Werder coach.

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