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Middle school Black Desert Mobile … Son Goku Front Range [IT Magnifier]

China ‘Essentials’ emerged as a concept of Son Goku in China ‘Black Desert Mobile’ appears.
[Photo = Pulse Bis] Promotional model of China ‘Black Desert Mobile’.
[Photo = Pulse Bis] [Eye News 24 Moon Young Soo Reporter

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-su)] In 2017, the launch of the domestic mobile game “Black Desert Mobile”, which was issued for the first time since the year 2017, was imminent. Pulse, Bis is interested in localization, including new classes of Western-based, and a new class that introduced a new class as a motif.

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According to the game industry on the 25th, Tencent and I Dream Sky will enter the China Public Test (OBT) of the Black Desert Mobile (OBT) from 7:00 am to 7:00 am on the 26th. It can be called a virtual service that sells a paid product. Supports both Android and Apple devices, and China users can play black desert mobile on more than 40 platforms such as QQ and Temple.

As a black desert mobile Chinese service officer, the ambassador, China’s popular movie actress and singer ‘Chedue’ was selected. Chedue is a celebrity, which was starred in the movie ‘China China’, ‘Man Hunt’. The Chede is active in public relations ambassador to advocate black desert mobile in various fields.

Pulse, Bis has been in the localization of China, which has been in charge of the Minema Black Desert Mobile Chinese general director, which was responsible for the planning of ‘R2’ and ‘C9’, including PC Black Desert. In order to attract the attention of the local user, it showed the new class ‘predicted’ of the Chinese server that was not publicly released on Korea and the global server. It is a setting that it is a character introduced as a legendary presence from the mysterious land of the East, and has a feature that takes a combat capacity using the properties of flames and winds.

As a result, when the related images are leaked in the game community, the guesses that the bis has been preparing to the concept of Son Gogong as a concept. Although the specific open specification has not yet been revealed, the Chinese Black Desert Mobile is likely to start with a total of six classes from “Warrior”, ‘Valkyrie’, ‘Ranger’, ‘Giant’, ‘Location’.

Black Desert Mobile is a large-scale multi-adoption role of regeneration of PC online game ‘black desert’ on mobile. Pulse was awarded a high-game capacity, customizing, and customizing high-game performance, which maximizes high level graphics and action properties made by a bis self-game engine, and won a six-year-old Korean game for the 2018 Korea Games. The global cumulative download number exceeded 36 million.

Black Desert Mobile is a Korean game that is a heavy feeling of receiving Chinese Pan written for the first time since 2017 offset. Nexon ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ is a 2020 Chinese launching ahead of the day ahead of the day, Can be said to be different.

For many years, the development power of the Chinese game repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly, and it is expected that black desert mobile, which is not lacking, and black desert mobile, which are not lacking and not enough for graphics quality and game properties, will be a watchpoint. Chinese game specialist site ‘’ is selected as the game player selected by the user’s game player award, and the expectation of the box office is high. Securities is also introducing the observations that the month of the Black Desert Mobile will reach 30 billion won for a day.

Long-term boxing continues to be a pulse of the Chinese launch, as a pulse of the bis. In the previous year, the black desert mobile released on Korea and Japan, and global servers have recorded high ranking of the release, but there is a commonity that the decline was drawn and draw a drop curve. The difficulties that do not know the needer of gamers such as oceans are the influence of being added to the contents that have been added. China Black Desert Mobile is noteworthy that such precedent is not repeated and long-term invitation.

The Most Membership Black Desert Mobile, China, said, “We have been working closely with publishers for Chinese services, and have poured a lot of time and effort in localization,” he said.

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