Friedl warns Werder: We dont get up like that

Despite a 2-0 lead, Werder Bremen Holstein Kiel had to give up and gambled away the lead.
Reason enough for Marco Friedl, alarm.

Table lead, 4: 1 at the largest promotion competitor at Schalke and the promotion in your own hands. It actually looked rosy at Werder Bremen. Especially since Holstein Kiel had traveled to the Weser Stadium on Friday. But after the late 2: 3, the Bremen shotgun is suddenly ended. “It is a big disappointment here at home in front of such a backdrop,” Anthony Jung summarized his emotional situation after the final whistle at “Sky”.

penalty area defense “too little”

After a 2-0 lead, Werder had brought the Kieler back into the game through two owners and many missed opportunities. Jung, who had achieved the second own goal of the Bremen, saw the reasons for the defeat in the work against the ball: “Everything is going on for us and we give it out. This is self -indebted in the creation defended in the box was not enough to take something here. “

Werder Bremen vs Holstein Kiel Bengalows!!!

Then we play really bad football for 70 minutes.

Marco Friedl

Defensive colleague Marco Friedl became even clearer. For the Austrian, the game started “outstanding for us”, but after the 2-0 experienced a clear kink: “Then we play really bad football for 70 minutes.” Therefore, the bottom line is okay. “Because we have allowed too much.”

Werder’s game with the fire is punished: “Have a 100 percent hung it”

Like Jung, Friedl saw the responsibility for the defeat in his own ranks: “We fell 100 percent ourselves and brought back the opponent because we played with the fire.” As an example, the defense chief led the goal of the storks: “We have the chance to clarify three times, four times, and then the corner and the shot come.” The following own goal of Füllkrug can “always happen, but before that we have to clarify the situation better”.

However, Friedl particularly criticized the lack of physicality of his team: “We were atypical and no longer showed this aggressiveness, even though we addressed it and talked about it at half -time.” A problem that coach Ole Werner also noticed, but was unable to justify: “It is difficult to explain. We have to talk about it and ask ourselves why it was so. There is no plausible so quickly after the game Explanation.”

neckline with comeback potential

However, Werner could very well put the extent of this defeat into words: “It was an overall disappointing game from us and it is a stroke of neck.” Nevertheless, the view on the Weser goes forward. After all, the green-whites “have already found good answers to neck strokes in the past”.

An ability to demonstrate the Bremen again next Sunday in Aue (1.30pm, live! At Holstein Kiel). Otherwise, Friedl warns, “of course we don’t get up”.

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