Schmadtke comments on the Wolfsburg coaching question

The search for the coach at VfL Wolfsburg could drag on.

“I think we need a little time for it. Because it is a difference whether you will change a team in a current season or whether you are doing it now after the season,” said Managing Director Jörg Schmadtke of the “Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung “.

“We have to show ourselves again: What do we want? And what do we get in the end? On Sunday, the Bundesliga club surprisingly ended the collaboration with coach Florian Kohfeldt. In October of last year, the VfL leadership presented as successor two days after the separation from Mark van Bommelt Kohfeldt.

Between The Posts | Pascal Formann - Wolfsburg Goalkeeping Coach | Inspiration

According to information from the “Bild”, Thomas Reis, currently a coach at VfL Bochum, is said to have sparked Wolfsburg interest. “If there is an inquiry, I would listen to everything,” said Reis. “That is part of the business.” Ex-VfL striker André Breitenreiter is also said to be a candidate. The 48-year-old had recently led FC Zurich to the title in Switzerland. In addition, Matthias Jaissle (Salzburg) as well as Adi Hütter and Sandro Schwarz are considered candidates.


Announced the horror action ADV “The CHANT (The Cant)” that is entangled in cosmic fear!

KOCH MEDIA has announced the new horror adventure game “ The Chant ( The Chant )” developed by Canada’s Brass Token Studi. In this work, set on an isolated island of the sea, the players will solve the mystery of the strange cult of the island to contain the fears released by the failure of the ritual.

“THE CHANT” Synopsis and Features:

Me And The Devil // Cosmic Horror

The protagonist Jess Briers will participate in the spiritual retreat of Prism Science, who is living in a remote Glory Island to overcome the past. However, the chant sung at the ritual opens a psychedelic fear of psychedelic fear, which feeds negative energy, and turns into an endless despair on a calm weekend. In order to survive this fear, we must do everything to unravel the strange cult history of the island, rewind the ritual and close the dimension.

Explore the islands that have been invaded by cosmic fear: Survive the eerie creatures that crawl out of the darkness and the madly manipulated cult followers. Eliminate the mystery of the mysterious history.

Fight or run away: Use supernatural weapons and abilities to fight for survival. Collect and craft materials to prepare and challenge close combat. Otherwise, you have to panic and run away.

Train the spirit, body, and soul: harmony is most important. Tit for fear and panic with strong mental strength, protect your body from physical threats, sublimate your soul and meditate to get supernatural abilities and strengthen your mind and body.

Modern psychedelic horror world view: This work is inspired by the psychedelic horror of the 1970s. Enjoy the natural and colorful Glory Island scenery and the electronic rock style BGM composed by Paul Lasky, who has a number of awards.

The “CHANT”, where spiritual nightmares begin, will be released in the fall of 2022 for Windows (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S.


DEB selection with work victory against France

For the first time at the World Cup, Toni Söderholm ran on Mathias Niederberger in the goal, so that Philipp Grubauer received a break after his strong performance in the 2-1 against Slovakia on Saturday. Otherwise, the Finnish coach built the same formation as in the first two games.

EHLS Premiere – Supporting is injured

The German team caught a measure against France: the outnumbered of Leo Pföderl served Daniel Fischbuch scored completely freely from a short distance to 1-0, just 124 seconds were played. Shortly thereafter, Stefan Loibl missed the second goal with an outnumbered outnumbered that France’s keeper Sebastian Ylönen (4th).

Despite the early deficit, the French stopped and kept running their checks. So also in the 14th minute, in which Tim Stützle injured himself on a check on the knee, slowly drove from the ice towards the cabin and a frustration foul made. Alexandre Texier – the only NHL professional France at the World Cup – used the following power play to 1: 1 (15th).

The fact that Germany went into the first third break with a lead was due to Alexander Ehl, who fell a shot from Dominik Bittner in the 18th minute past Ylönen into the goal. It was the first World Cup goal for the striker of Düsseldorfer eG.

Gallet meets, Deb team loses thread

While Stützle remained in the cabin at the start of the second third, Marc Michaelis narrowly missed the 3-1 because Ylönen somehow stopped the farmer’s trick of the German Center with the schooner (22nd). The German team was now much more game -determined than in the first third. But the French marked the goal in a straightforward relief attack: Hugo Gallet falsified a hard pass from Charles Bertrand past Niederberger to 2: 2 (32nd).

After the goal, the DEB team lost the thread a little, a power play before the end of the second third only brought a break chance for the French.

Pföderl refines Noebels’ pass

In the final section, the German team started again – and took the lead for the third time thanks to a remarkable hit. Marcel Noebels served Pföderl with a flip pass and the latter executed in a goalkeeper manner to 3: 2 (46th). As against the Slovaks, the German selection then defended the narrow lead over time.

“At such a tournament, games are decided with a goal, so it is good that we could show early that we can do that,” said Noebels after the game at “Sport1”. He added a wink to the winning goal in co -production with his Berlin storm colleague Pföderl: “He always takes a little longer to go to the goal, so I had to delay a little while passing.”

Grubauer's brilliant save leads to Oshie goal
The DEB team now has two days without play before going on Thursday (3:20 p.m.) against Denmark and Friday (3:20 p.m.) against Italy with two games within a good 24 hours.

Statistics on the game:

France – Germany 2: 3 (1: 2, 1: 0, 0: 1)

France: Ylönen – Gallet, Auvitu; Llorca, Chakiachvili; Crinon, Thiry; Guebey – Fleury, Treille, Tim Bozon; Bertrand, Claireaux, Perret; Leclerc, Texier, Boudon; Ritz, Fabre, Kevin Bozon; Colotti.

Germany: Niederberger – Moritz Müller, Seider; Jonas Müller, Holzer; Wagner, Wissmann; Bittner – Ehliz, Sützle, Plachta; Noebels, Michaelis, Pföderl; Schmölz, Loibl, Fischbuch; Soramies, Kastner, Ehl.

Tore: 0: 1 (2:04) Fischbuch (Pföderl, Michaelis) PP, 1: 1 (14:48) Texier (T. Bozon; Chakiachvili), 1: 2 (17:51) EHL (Bittner, Kastner), 2: 2 (31:18) Gallet (Bertrand, Claireux), 2: 3 (45:45) Pföderl (Noebels, Michaelis).

viewer: 2,000.

Referee: Hansen (Norway)/Heikkinen (Finland).

Criminal minutes: France 6 – Germany 6.


Tim Rieder returns to 1860 Munich

After the bankruptcy of Türkgücü Munich and the associated setting of the game, defender Rieder has found a new club. The 28-year-old joins city rival 1860 Munich for the new season. Already in the 2019/2020 season he played for the Munich Löwen and was borrowed from FC Augsburg to the Giesinger at the time. He scored three goals in 25 games.

Tim already played an important role in the team as a loan player two years ago

Günther Gorenzel

According to Managing Director Günther Gorenzel, this time was the decisive factor for the transfer: “As a loan player two years ago, Tim played an important role in the team for us, since he was 100 percent of the TSV 1860 with his personality and the type of game. embodied and lives. Tim can take several positions in the defensive network at a high level and now there was the opportunity to tie Tim to TSV 1860. Therefore we have won him again for our joint project with full conviction. ”

REBUILDING 1860 Munich with ONLY Bayern Munich Players!
“I am happy to be back and will proudly wear the lion’s jersey in the coming years. I will give everything to achieve our sporting goals,” said Rieder. Players and associations agreed on the contract modalities.


NBA Playoffs: Chris Paul probably played despite injury to Mavs

The Phoenix Suns failed after a debacle in game 7 against the Mavs in the playoffs. Chris Paul in particular recently disappointed that the Point Guard allegedly played with an injury. There is now a huge disappointment in Phoenix.

As Marc J. Spears (ESPN and Andscape) reported shortly after the clear 90: 123 bankruptcy of the Suns against Dallas, Paul dragged around with an injury to the left Quadriceps. The Point Guard is very slowly buzzing out of the arena. At the press conference, he did not want to take a position on his alleged injury.

Paul recently no longer performed well in the series against Dallas. After he had given the Pelicans with his deadly Midsprange game in round one, there was nothing to be seen in the past games. The 37-year-old put up only 13.4 points (55.4 percent FG) and 5.7 assists at 3.1 turnover. Especially in game 4 and 5, he literally dipped and in game 7 he met one of his four field throwing attempts at halftime.

Paul subsequently took responsibility for defeat in game 7. “This is about me as a point guard, as the leader of this team.” At the same time, Head Coach Monty Williams protected his players: “We played our worst game of the entire season today. I am responsible for it. I have to make sure that we are ready. We had an off-night and two very inconsistent weeks if we are honest. “

When asked about the greatest disappointment that evening, Devin Booker became clear. “It was a good old, old rubbing, from front to back,” said the all-star, who also acted weakly (11 points, 3/14 FG). “We have lost, that’s the greatest disappointment. And the way we lost.”

Phoenix Suns: Chris Paul announces return

Phoenix did not come into play right from the start, the offense had enormous problems against a strong Mavs defense and on the other side of the course the home side had no response to Luka Doncic. The Slovenian had as many points at the break as the entire Suns team (27), Dallas was at the front with +30. The game was decided.

“It was a difficult game,” was Paul’s analysis. “We relied on our defense all season. Today our defense was not there – and our offense was not.”

At the same time, the two Suns stars were already looking forward. “You have to stand for it, accept the defeat and continue,” said Booker. And Paul answered the question of whether that was his last chance of a title, defiantly: “We will come back next year, I can tell you. I will not end my career tomorrow. Hopefully I’m healthy, then I will play me simply further.”

However, the Deandre Ayton personnel could also provide discussions. The center was only on the court for 17 minutes, according to eyewitnesses there was a little deal with coach Williams during a break. He reacted to the question of why Ayton saw so little playing time: “This is internal.”

Chris Paul & Devin Booker Postgame Interview - Game 7 | Mavericks vs Suns | 2022 NBA Playoffs
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* Historical disassembly! Doncic dismantles the Suns completely – MAVS reach West final
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NBA Playoffs: Mavs vs. Suns – The series at a glance

Game Date Home About result
1 3. May Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 121: 114
2 5. May Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 129: 109
3 7. May Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 103: 94
4 8th. May Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 111: 101
5 11. May Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 110: 80
6 13. May Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 113: 86
7 16. May Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks 90: 123

Formerly at 1. FC Nürnberg: Ex-Bundesliga

In the Bundesliga, Sezer Öztürk once made a name for 1. FC Nürnberg and Bayer Leverkusen. Now the former midfielder has to go to prison for a long time.

A court in Istanbul sentenced the 36-year-old to a prison sentence of 14 years and seven months on Wednesday, after the native of Velberter shot a man on open street in September of last year.

The public prosecutor had accused him of murder and assault and requested a total sentence of 23 years. Öztürk assured that he acted out of self -defense because he felt threatened by the victim.

The background to the process is an incident of September 19, 2021. As the “Bild” writes, citing Turkish media reports, a dispute in road traffic led to the homicide at the time.

first murder, then curious escape attempt

Öztürk is said to have encountered a group in the Istanbul district of Pasaköy/Sile on said evening that held a picnic on the street. For unexplained reasons, the situation was escalating when the ex-footballer asked whether the group passed it up with his Mercedes. Finally Öztürk pulled a gun and shot down a passerby. The victim subsequently died of his injuries. Four other people were injured at the time.

After his deed, the former Besiktas and Fenerbahce player had tried to leave the country. At the end of November 2021, he was finally arrested in trying to pass the Georgian border on the loading area of a pickup.

Öztürk once came from the youth of Rot-Weiß Essen and later only switched to Bayer Leverkusen and in January 2006 to 1. FC Nürnberg. Between 2004 and 2006 he played a total of nine Bundesliga games for both clubs.

1. FC Nürnberg - FC Bayern München | Freundschaftsspiel | MAGENTA SPORT
In summer 2006 he turned his back on Germany and continued his career in Turkey. With Fenerbahce in 2012 and 2013, he became a Turkish cup winner before he ended his career in 2015.


Extension or sale? FC Bayern wants clarity with Serge Gnabry

FC Bayern is facing an exciting summer. In addition to the unexplained future of Robert Lewandowski, the ongoing contract spoker employs the record champions with Serge Gnabry. Those responsible in this personnel want to have clarity before the coming season.

As the “kicker” reports, FC Bayern does not want to go to the next season with Gnabry without an extension.

The working paper of the right wing is only dated until 2023. Means: In summer, the Bundesliga club could last a higher transfer fee for the 26-year-old.

Gnabry is apparently aware of his good negotiating position. According to media reports, the national player would also like to appreciate more in the club in addition to an increase in salary.

Association president Herbert Hainer emphasized on Sunday in the “Bayern1-Doppelpass” that FC Bayern wants to bind the native of Stuttgart about the coming season. “There are still a few disagreements at Serge, but hopefully we can clear them up,” said the 67-year-old.

does Gnabry not feel valued at Bayern?

At the end of April, “Bild” reported that the Munich team had made an improved offer to their wing player. The offer supposedly provided for a salary between 17 and 19 million euros.

Gnabry had not accepted the offer again and further hesitates its decision. The DFB star is still disappointed with the conversation of those responsible and does not feel the necessary appreciation, it said at the time.

A solution to the problem is not yet in sight. Consequently, the rumor mill continues to bubble. Most recently, Gnabry was associated with Real Madrid and Arsenal FC. FC Bayern had signed the offensive man in 2017 for around eight million euros from Werder Bremen.


The last Fürth goal without a lead: an away win

On the first Bundesliga excursion in 2012/13, the cloverleaf remained a season without a home win, now, on the second attempt, there is a risk of a season without a away win. The last chance to turn off this offers the game at FC Augsburg on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! At Mijatovic), which is no longer possible for both clubs.

After all: Fürth has played a draw in the past three away games and thus set up his longest away series without defeat in the Bundesliga. “We all wrote a nice story here, now we want a nice farewell with the first away win,” said assistant Andre Mijatovic, who will represent his boss Leitl at FCA.

Now we want a nice farewell with the first away win.

Football montage-Ultimate Last Minute GOALS

André Mijatovic

On the other hand, the SpVgg is the only team to be waiting for a win (with five draws and six defeats) and never scored more than one goal per game during this period, only seven. Large changes in the team, system and tactics are not to be expected.

Burchert’s future still unclear – trainer -WG also in Hanover

Except for the long -term injured Meyerhöfer, Nielsen and Kehr, Mijatovic has all the men on board. However, Sascha Burchert is allowed to stand in the goal again, which already decided in the middle of the week. The future of the 32-year-old goalkeeper has not yet been clarified, his contract with the cloverleaf expires. However, he only has a chance of continued employment if Andreas Linde, who was only committed in winter, is based on the other.

Whether and how Mijatovic is in contact with Leitl before and during the game depends on the health state of the boss. After all, Mijatovic revealed: The men’s WG Leitl/Mijatovic will also be available to its new employer in Hanover.


Burning Crusade Classic has opened a raid of the Sun well plateau

The release of fresh content update took place the rage of a solar well for Burning Crusade Classic, as well as a raid of the sun well plateau raid appeared in the game.

Sunwell Plateau Raid Progression So Far, Surprises - World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic

The solar well, the great source of sorceresses, endowed the highest elves for millennia by force, until the death knight Artas attacked their kingdom and defiled this sacred place. The surviving elves, led by Prince Kel’TAS, did not find another way out, except to destroy the ancient source. Over time, the survivors devoid of magic began to experience terrible suffering.

The new raid, intended for 25 players, the Sun well plateau offers Azerot heroes to fight with 6 bosses, including Kalesgos, Brutall, the Prophet, Eredara-twin, M’uuru, and Kil’jeden himself. In order to experience your strength in the new raid, you will not need to carry out preparatory tasks. All bosses on the plateau of the solar well will be immediately available.


Convisable end of the season for 1. FC Heidenheim

  1. FC Heidenheim has been conciliating its eighth season in the 2nd Bundesliga after a break-in in the final sprint.
    The team of coach Frank Schmidt defeated Karlsruher SC 2-0 (2-0) on the last matchday and took sixth place.
    It was the second threesome in a row after four games with just one point.
    For the KSC it was the seventh game in a row without a win.
    Kevin Sessa (38th/42nd) scored the goals for the home strong Heidenheimers.
    The guests initially had more of the game and developed the majority of the chances.
    The future Bochumer Philipp Hofmann (5th) and Kilian Jakob (36th) met aluminum.
    Sessa managed the Heidenheim lead a bit surprisingly.
    Only four minutes later he added his second goal of the season.