Dresden is well prepared on Kaiserslautern

It has been clear since the 32nd matchday that Dynamo Dresden has to go to the relegation.
Now the opponents have been determined with Kaiserslautern.
Trainer Capretti wants to conquer this through basic virtues.

The 2: 2 Dynamo Dresden at Karlsruher SC no longer had a sporting weight. The Saxons were already safe in the relegation to stay in the 2nd division after the 1-1 against Jahn Regensburg. The 1. FC Kaiserslautern is now waiting in this, who had to let the lead after the 0-2 defeat at Viktoria Köln Eintracht Braunschweig. Dynamo coach Guerino Capretti naturally had his scouts with both possible opponents: “We looked at Braunschweig yesterday and looked at Kaiserslautern today,” he revealed at the press conference in Karlsruhe.

basic virtue as strength

There he had seen aspects that his team could also use in the crucial duels against the Red Devils: “We will play against Kaiserslautern, so we need exactly this mentality and this attitude not to give up until the end”. At the KSC, his team would have shown them and thereby rewarded himself with the late equalization in added time.

second half falls off and still gives hope

Especially after the change of sides, the 40-year-old also lacked a lot: “In the second half, we were too passive and no longer managed to avoid standards”. His team “came into play well” and “should have managed higher”. But although he would not have “liked much” in the second half, Capretti “wants to build on the positive”. Among other things, your own morality.

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With these virtues, the trainer born in Italy wants to get momentum on the last match day next Sunday (3:30 p.m.) in the derby against the descending floodplain in order to then keep the class against Kaiserslautern: “We are prepared.”

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