St. Pauli: The crash. The reasons. The consequences.

Autumn champion FC St. Pauli gave the chance to climb through a disappointing second half of the season.
The unsatisfactory end of the season will make changes necessary.

When the promotion struggle was not yet lost, Andreas Bornemann set up this thesis two weeks ago: A bad season, said the sports director of FC St. Pauli, it could no longer be. This is now that the sovereign autumn champion failed in a disappointing second half of the season in all levels, in the eye of the viewer – but unquestionably the season 2021/22 will go down in the club history as a disappointing. And as one of the missed options.

Hino do St. Pauli (Legendado)

Lecture on Schalke compressed summary of an entire season

The lecture at Schalke at the weekend was something like the compressed summary. 90 minutes as a reflection of an entire season: at half -time with the view of having everything in hand, and in the end in the role of the bitter and deserved loser. Just as St. Pauli’s professionals faced a leg after a 2-0 half-time lead on Saturday with tölpelic mistakes and two references to space, the team also stood in the way of 36 points in the first half. Individuals, such as goalkeeper Nikola Vasilj, promoted Jakov Medic or goal scorer Guido Burgstaller, lost their grandiose form of the previous year, others with expiring contracts, put their own future into the foreground and created a disturbance that has been crucial at the latest since the beginning of March Season phase, blazed and ultimately could not be extinguished by those responsible.

Timo Schultz has announced an in -depth analysis. “We will take a closer look why we were so good in the first half of the season and why it didn’t work out in the second half of the season. We will pull out our findings.” Research also includes research where the trainer could have intervene. Before the departure to the winter training camp, the 44-year-old had announced that it would make the main focus on becoming defensive again. The result is 26 goals in 16 games so far – only three teams more. In addition, when the opponents had prepared themselves on St. Pauli’s offensive style, solutions were missing. “The back series gives rise to being critical,” Schultz does not hide.

Schultz: “Have to reinvent us a bit”

The coach suspects “that we will have to reinvent ourselves a bit.” Because the unsatisfactory end of the season makes changes necessary, which are also carried out by farewell faces such as Philipp Ziereis, Christopher Buchtmann, Rico Benatelli or James Lawrence. But because those who would like to keep St. Pauli would also strive for again. Daniel-Kofi Kyereh, for example, the only professional who has proven this season in both half series Bundesliga format wants to go to the upper house. And because the 26-year-old playmaker’s contract only runs until 2023, Bornemann will have to take up this wish in order not to be financially empty, such as Finn Ole Becker, who is moving to Hoffenheim.

“We will take a new attempt,” says Schultz. This could be difficult if the upcoming changes take the expected time. The remaining protagonists may then realize again how much a season of missed possibilities was in 2021/22.

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