IOC refuted combiners admission to the Olympics

The Nordic combiners do not belong at the 2026 Winter Season Olympics in Milan and Cortina.

The top of the International Olympic Committee chose Friday against the admission of a ladies’s competition in the sport. On top of that, the IOC likewise wondered about the Olympic future of the Nordic mix. An image for the Winter Games 2030 depends upon a significant further growth in the variety of the individuals as well as the target market rate of interest.

Yet that was not nearly enough for the IOC. Instead, the circling around circle was extremely worried about the scenario in the Nordic combination. Due to the fact that the professional athletes had been functioning towards these video games for years, the IOC left the men’s competitions just in the program for 2026.

The females have actually been setting World Cup competitors given that 2020, as well as Globe Cup medals were granted for the first time in 2021. In 2023 there will likewise be a mixed team competition at the Globe Mug.

brand-new: tobogganing provider as well as ski leaping from the Großschanze

Women’s competitors were freshly occupied in the tobogganing carrier and also ski leaping in ski jumping. The IOC additionally confirmed ski alpinism as a brand-new Olympic sport with 3 competitors. In addition, there are also a skeleton-mixed and also hunchback slopes for ski freestyler in Milan and also Cortina.

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