Two Point Grockle Bay

Grockle Bay is the first hospital that you will find in the fourth world of Two Point Hospital.
Do you have to reach the stellar level in Dakvort-Bilg, so that Ra?

Grockle Bay is the first hospital that you will find in the fourth world of Two Point Hospital. You must reach the stellar level in Dakvort-Bilg to unlock Groacl-Bay, because the city of Groacl-Bey accepts many tourists. That is why you will receive a lot of exotic diseases in the hospital, such as cubism.

Grackle Bay will receive a new epidemic in the form of Jogger Ripple. This leadership will tell you everything about the Grockle Bay hospital, including the best layout, stellar goals, staff training and step-by-step guides.

The best layout of the Two Point Hospital for the Gulf Gruckle

Depending on the geographical position of the hospital that you are building, and its environs will differ a little plan. To facilitate your life and have a general idea of the layout, we made the best layout for Grackle Bay.

Plot 2 will accommodate most of the small rooms of 4×4, such as the diagnostic center. If you see a lot of free space in section 2, add a general practitioner’s office. Do not forget to add a lot of first-aid kits there. Now the layout of the site 3. Due to its length, a long and convenient entrance and output are quite long.

Plot 3 is well suited for all the procedural offices, since there is a very good chamber and an office of a general practitioner. This plot will have a good balance of treatment and diagnosis.

And on section 4, the remaining diagnostic rooms of the hospital will be placed. It will remain a little for an additional recreation area.

On the other hand, on section 8, all administrative premises and one large operating room will be placed.

targets of the Groacl-Bay star

1-star hospital


  • The cost of the hospital is $ 750,000.
  • The attractiveness of the hospital is 60%.
  • Cure 10 patients with cubism.


  • 10,000 dollars.
  • 100 Glory.
  • Cubism poster.

2-star hospital


  • The cost of the hospital is $ 2,000,000.
  • The attractiveness of the hospital is 70%.
  • Maintain a reputation at the level of 75%.
  • Maintain a cure indicator at 75%.

Awards :

  • $ 20,000.
  • 150 Glory.

3-star hospital


  • Hospital cost 4,000,000 dollars.
  • The attractiveness of the hospital is 80%.
  • Maintaining reputation at 90%.
  • Maintain a cure indicator at 90%.



  • 30,000 dollars
  • 200 Glory.
  • Cubism anatomy poster

Tips for Teaching staff Grockle Bay

We will start with the head doctor, as he will be the face of the hospital. Consider the possibility of adding soft skills, such as manners at the patient’s bed or emotional intelligence.

Now let’s move on to the registrar. Try to increase their emotionality and endurance. You can also train radiology and genetics so that their experience is wide in all departments.

Let’s talk about wipers who can be a weak link in the hospital staff. If you invest in them, they will pay off in the long run in the form of improving the quality of work.

Give them basic skills, such as endurance, emotional intelligence, mechanics and maintenance. After that, wipers will be able to solve all the main problems, such as repairing broken items.

Grockle Bay: How to manage the moral spirit of staff

On Two Point Hospital, if you want to raise the fighting spirit of your staff in Grockle Bay, make sure that the hospital cares very well. It has machines for coffee and snacks for employees. Make sure they have a good staff room.

An increase in the break from 9 to 11 will also make doctors happy and increase their morale. An increase in the prestige of all rooms to level 5 will also increase the morale. Now very important. Pay well to staff.

Last. Make sure that garbage tanks are available in all places of the hospital so that the hospital is cleaner.

How to manage the reputation of Grockle Bay

When you manage Groacl Bay in the Tu-Point hospital, many dirty tourists will come to you, it is best to take care of microbes and cleanliness. If necessary, hire an additional janitor. What **** Thus, there will be less chance of spreading diseases in the hospital.

In addition, as mentioned below, the climate of Groacl-Bey is very hot and humid. To maintain a positive rating and reputation, it is best to invest in air conditioners from the very beginning.

Passage Groacl Bay

Gracl-bey has a very hot and humid climate due to the proximity of the ocean to the hospital. Think about the installation of several air conditioners scattered throughout the hospital. If you do not install them, it will be very difficult for you to improve the rate of treatment.

When you reach the level of 6, you will meet your first patient of cubism. To complete the task of the first level, focus on the treatment of patients with cubism. The cubism marketing campaign in the long run will improve the cure.

The healing of a patent for cubism will bring you $ 12,000, and they have an evaluative chance to correct 92%.
Up to level 9 you will receive 3 GP.
After you earn your first star, you will need to build a second recovery room.
After level 9, you will need to strengthen the work of the hospital by adding 2 doctors and 2 nurses with diagnostic skills.

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