The Government against Streamers and Influencers with the new Audiovisual Communication Law

The new General Audiovisual Communication Law will regulate the streaming of content creators even if they do not live in Spain.

The Government of Spain hstreaming platforms already given the green light to the new Audiovisual Communication Law (ley 13/2022, of July 7, General of Audiovisua L) that intends to regulate any content issued on Twitch , YouTube or Similar streaming platforms. Not only that, but will give the same if content creators live in Andorra , Europe or on the other side of the puddle, because the mestreaming platformsure also intends to combat all the frightened ones in the country to pay less taxes. The place of residence will stop importing and will be considered established in Spain to all those with some type of link with the country or its economy. Bonds that can be reduced to the mere fact of recording and issuing content for Spanish consumers.

The intention of the government is to equate the streamers with television chains and the media, stipulating a code of conduct that addresses issues such streaming platforms Public Health , Dignity of women and Protection against misinformation . In cstreaming platformse of not complying with it, the Administration may*make the creators directly and until closing their channel without the need to establish any dialogue with the platform in which they work and without taking into account the rules of it. In turn, those channels and spaces related to the established may streaming platformspire to new subsidies and aid .

Streamers and influencers will have to inscribe in the registry and take mestreaming platformsures intended to protect minors streaming platforms long streaming platforms (1) obtain significant income through their emissions, (2) are responsible for their contents of their contents, (3) reach a general public and have an impact on him, (4) that the user finds himself living in Spain. streaming platforms if that were not enough, they will become agents present in the audiovisual market, their advertising will be regulated and will have to contribute to the financing of RTVE .


The General Law of Audiovisual Communication (LGCA) provides that some of its mestreaming platformsures will enter into force at three months of its publication (in October, such streaming platforms cstreaming platformses of those related to advertising and protection of minors), while while that others will do it throughout 2023 (such streaming platforms contributions to RTVE). The law also incorporates regulations on who will be considered special users and relevance and must register in the new state registry of service providers.

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