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Tower of Fantasy Explanation of all characters and simulacra

Tower of Fantasy provides its players with a wide selection of weapons and resources that they can unlock during the game.
However, since the pain

Tower of Fantasy provides its players with a wide selection of weapons and resources that they can unlock during the game. However, since most mechanisms are very similar to traditional MMORPG, there is something new, presented as Simulakr and Simulakr. At first it may seem confusing, but don’t worry anymore! In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we will consider what Simulacrum and Simulacra are, as well as details about all the characters in the game.

Tower of Fantastic characters

Simulakr is an object in the fantasy tower, where players can visit and buy new weapons using various gaming currencies. But there is one feature: when you go there, you do not see your traditional weapons on the shelves awaiting the purchase. Instead, you have different characters as equipment.

On the other hand, simulacracs are known as a weapon character available in a simulacker. These are unlocked characters, and each of them has its own ancient story of the hero.

In addition, their consciousness was transferred to artificial intelligence, which players can now arm themselves.

Therefore, whenever the players unlock the simulacu, they will be able to call this simulacra and provide it with the character with all its attributes, forms and personality. In addition, you cannot buy these characters; Instead, you will buy bags and wait for your luck to unlock the new Simulacra.

Keep in mind that simulacra is just a way to unlock a weapon. As soon as the weapon is unlocked, the characters of Tower of Fantasy become nothing more than skins. You can use any weapon with any simulars or even with your own character by default.

Below is a list of all simulacrars presented in Tower of Fantasy and their details. All characters are unlocked through the GACHA stretch system, so you cannot decide which character to choose if you do not have a lot of money that you can spend and decent good luck.

SR Simulakra

Tap ****

Gifts: games, jewelry and toys

Ane is described as a prototype of combat droids, and she acts with the consciousness of the daughter of her previous owner. Having recently earned the right to life, it masters its destructive forces and is set up to act according to its own rules. And oh, she does not like teamwork.

thunder halberd ****

Gifts: everyday household items, objects of a limited store, games

Echo, also previously known as Manaka, had a hard life: her house was destroyed, and her parents were killed at the age of 9 years. She saved her passing by the merchant, and she was placed in a rehabilitation center in Bangess. Now she took on the role of the Wanderer Pustoshi and punishes evil around her.



Gifts: everyday household items, jewelry, saved

Unlike her name, Pepper has a cheerful character, she is a descendant of the rich Banes family. Her family was once rich, but now in prison due to illness. Pepper took this role on herself and is currently working in the medical department of Hykros, trying to find a cure for their illness.

Terminator ****

Gifts: limited goods in a store, toys, figurines

Hilda is a nap from the port of Banges. She is a famous member of her city, and she is always appreciated for her kindness and the ability to negotiate.

Bai ling
Nightingale feather ****

Gifts: rare objects, saved, jewelry

Bai Lin is currently the leader of the HT201 shelter and is engaged in everyday operations and military operations. She is very busy and diligently fulfilling her duties. Nevertheless, she deserves her place and has everything necessary to become a great leader.

Simulakra SSR

Venus ****

Gifts: toys, jewelry, household items

Nemesis is an angel of mercy, subjected to severe experiments and mutations. She is very closed and usually holds apart, but when she has to fight, she is a ruthless killer.

denying cube ****

Gifts: Games, limited goods in the store

Zero is a 15-year-old genius who made sure that no one would ever know about his real name and past life, destroying all the evidence. However, everyone knows that it is insightful and witty.

molten shield v2 ****

Gifts: household items, games, jewelry

Huma developed a disease that gives it superhuman power, and at present it is under the medical supervision of Hikros. Although she seems very quiet, no one can stop her when she is plotting something.

Arrow of Ice Wind ****

Gifts: figurines, limited items in a store, rare items

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Tsubas is a party with a large number of connections that she has. She is a former Hykros employee, a former Hyena officer and recently joined Heirs of Aida.

chakra of the seas
Gifts: Metal objects, saved, rare objects

Shiro is an antisocial scientist and is always busy with his research work. She is friends only with people with the same interests in water, like her, and does not like to waste her time.

Raven’s braid
Gifts: Saved, rare items, limited items in the store

All important conversations and no waste of time. This is King in a nutshell. He is a straightforward guy and very brave. He is always ready for battle and can make you serious competition when he is on a mission.

Full zero
Gifts: Toys, jewelry, rare objects

Cocoritter is a sweet and attractive girl. She is very compassionate to her allies and tries to help them with her healing staff and abilities. She also has a passion for penguins.

Guren Blade
Gifts: everyday household items, rare objects, jewelry

Another cool and difficult woman in the list is Claudia. She is very fierce and is known for scaring her enemies. She is called the captain and commander of all the heroes, and she secretly loves cats. Purr

Thunder blades
Gifts: Casual household items, figurines, limited items in the store

A quick and witty killer who will cut you in half before you notice it. The crow believes in cleansing of all evil and the punishment of sinners. Like Claudia, he also loves cats.

pink edge ****

Gifts: saved, rare items

Meil is a senior performer of Hykros and has one of the most impressive combat skills. She hides her emotions from everyone and looks hostile. She is an ideal candidate to fulfill complex missions.

Weapons: Double electromagnetic stars ****

Gifts: games, toys

Samir is a joker and a friendly girl. She is very calm and is an ideal friend for those whom she loves very much. In addition, she is the best shooter in the country and even ahead of elite executioners.

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