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How relics work in Tower of Fantasy

The study is a vital element of Tower of Fantasy, and players are invited to travel long distances to collect re

The study is a vital element of Tower of Fantasy, and players are invited to travel long distances to collect resources and advance in the game. Along with the clarification of the secrets of the Earth, we also need to defeat powerful enemies along the way. Fortunately, players can unlock and use relics that will help them both in battle and in passage. In this guide, we will talk about how each of these relics works at Tower of Fantasy and how to get them.


What are the relics in Tower of Fantasy?

As mentioned briefly earlier, relics are tools and gadgets that can be unlocked and equipped with players to increase their efficiency in battle and movement on the ground. In total, players can unlock and equip 20 relics. However, players can equip only two relics at one time. Therefore, it is ideal to have presets from different combinations of relics for specific situations. Each relic is supplied with a unique set passive e and active skills . After you promote the relic, its active skills are intensifying, and the number of passive skills increases.

How to get relics in Tower of Fantasy

The relics can be unlocked by performing missions for promotion on the storyline or collecting certain components and resources. The relics, like jet as well as missile shelling can be obtained by simply completing some of the early plot missions. Some other relics can be obtained as a reward for earnings research glasses that can be earned by exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy. For example, earnings 700 research glasses in the Aster will give you relic of magnetic storm when collecting 660 Studies in Navia open relic of magnetic impulse . Players can also earn relics as a reward for research. Ruin. Finally, you can also get relics by buying them in exchange for fragment of the relic S, which you can earn by defeating world bosses.

All unlocked relics in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of 20 relics in the fantasy tower. Equipment with relics can help you in battle or travel. Here are all the relics that you can unlock in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Reactive satchel
  • A soaring gun
  • Law bomb
  • Jetboard
  • Magnetic storm
  • Quantum cloak
  • Missile shelling
  • Cybernetic hand
  • Cowant
  • Strange cube
  • Omnium manual gun
  • Magnetic pulse
  • Colossus hand
  • Universal shield
  • Type V armor
  • Rap space-time
  • Conclusion
  • Drone
  • Holographic projector
  • Alternative fate

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