The Legend of Zelda: Hide for the location of the Ocarina of Time time bottles

The bottles are collectible objects in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which can be used to store potions, fairies, beetles and other objects.

The bottles are collectible objects in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which can be used to store potions, fairies, beetles and other objects. Four empty bottles are available for purchasing on the Rule map, of four three are exclusive side quests, and one is purchased through the main plot quests.

The next leadership of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Bottles Locations will help you purchase each of the four bottles, helping you perform appropriate quests.

The location of the bottles The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

You can follow the detailed leadership below how to perform these side quests and get bottles.

bottle No. 1

In the village of Makarios, talk with Anti on the south side of the village, which stands near the corral and holds behind the head. She will ask you to find 7 of her chickens Cuzco and reward them with something good. (Bottle)

You need to collect 7 chickens and place them in a ladies’ pen to get your first bottle. The location of the chicken is as follows:

  1. The first chicken will be found at the entrance to the village of Makarios, look straight up to find it.
  2. The second chicken is hidden inside a wooden container located next to the stairs of the house. To enter the box, at the same time press A and go.
  3. You will find the third chicken when you move in the direction of the mountain path. Once there, climb the second stairs, which you will face to find the chicken upstairs.
  4. From the place of the third chicken, look for a high tower and jump onto the red roof next to it. From here, find a well nearby and climb the stairs next to him. Rising up, turn around to find a second staircase, rise on this 1. The chicken will be found in a neighboring house, just jump from the edge to the other side to catch it.
  5. Go to the stairs and look straight ahead to find a closed chicken, there will be a fifth chicken.
  6. From the previous place of chicken, climb the stairs next to you. Now go to the fence directly, with a minimum possible distance, jump over it. While you are holding the chicken, you will be forbidden to climb, but your ability to jump will increase. Take an inclined rack and jump, now in the air, throw the chicken held to catch on the fence. Throw the chicken if it lands on the wrong side of the fence. Spray down, grab the sixth chicken next to the stairs and throw it.
  7. There is a staircase where you can catch the sixth chicken. You must climb this staircase and reach its top, where you will find the seventh chicken in front.

bottle No. 2

When you enter the Lon-Lon Ranch in the past, go through the door to the left of you. Inside you will find MELON sleeping in a room full of Sukkot. Wake him up, and he will ask you to play the game.

To get a bottle No. 2, you will need to play the game Talon’s Cuzco on the Lon-Lon Ranch. You will need to find three special chickens in a heap, and he will reward you with a bottle of Lon-Lon milk.

bottle No. 3

This is part of the main quest, so you cannot miss it. Princess Auto left a bottle of letter underwater. Go down and take it with a letter. Show this letter to King More, he will leave you a bottle.

bottle No. 4

After you saved the upon and purchased Fairy’s bow, you can take this side quest that requires you to collect large poets. Roll up on the pone around the surrounding field and shoot them from the bow. Talk to their souls and collect them in a bottle.

You need to collect DOES from Rule Field as Adult Link. Take your captured poets to the ghost to the city of Khairpur. You can find it inside the first door on the right, when you first enter the Here field.

You must collect poets, and then give them to the collector of poets. The PO collector was a guard point of the castle city market in Ocarina of Time, and is now in the ghost store.

He has perfumes, and if Link caught any large software and gives them to the collector, he will receive 50 rupees and 100 points. If Link scored 1000 points, he will receive an empty bottle from him.

You can find everything big poets in the areas below:

’M Big by# 1

Location. Go to the southern direction immediately after the exit from the gate of the surgery and follow the pointer. As soon as you cross the bridge, it will appear automatically.


Location. You will find a stream on the western side of the Jubilee Castle, just follow the stream, and you will come across black bushes. You must go through the top of one of these bushes so that it appears.

’M Big by# 3

Location. Go to the Lon Ranch and find a lonely tree on the north side. You must pass by a tree so that a large software appears.

’M Big by# 4

Location. Go to the southeastern side of the Genoa Valley and find a fork, large there.

big by# 5

Location. Again go to the southeastern side of the Genoa valley and where the fork is on the way, go to the north side and look for a lonely tree.

big by# 6

Location. Stand on the top of the Y-shaped path next to the silver boulder found between the Lon-Lon Ranch and Kirk forest. If you are standing correctly, a big software will appear.

7 7

Location. Go to the south side of the cliff that you found in #6, and find a small section of the grass next to the tree. It is on that grass.


Location. Go to the western side No. 7 and look next to yellow trees.


Location. Look between the tree in front of the stairs and the mountain cliff. (Village of Makarios)

’M Big by# 10

Location. Lon-Lon Ranch, go to the eastern side and find a stone wall similar to a boomerang. Find a big one near this wall.

Meanwhile, you can find great fabulous fountains, a golden turtle and particles of the heart by reading our relevant guidelines.

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