1. FC Köln | Karrelsche: Steffen Baumgart begins on Schiris

After the 0: 1 (0: 1) of his 1. FC Köln against Union Berlin, train Steffen Baumgart had a sharp objection of referee Benjamin Cortus and also his group.

After the 0: 1 (0: 1) of his 1. FC Cologne versus Union Berlin, coach Steffen Rampart had a sharp objection of referee Benjamin Corpus as well as his group.

The child is with his back to the round, obtains the ball on the arm. It will be deceived, that’s absurd. That is not the rule, said the Fragrance trainer.

He has an issue in the long run because he discovered it differently in his time as an active one and there are additionally its gamers: Yet possibly I need to add it to my training that you can simply jump right into the man without effect..

He did not wish to accept the performance of the referees any longer because it just went on my eggs, claimed Rampart at DAZN, yet stressed: The loss was not as a result of the umpires. We were inferior in all issues.

Rampart was specifically interrupted by the really uncertain fine whistle in the tenth min, as a central protector Luca Kilian from a brief range as well as got the sphere on his arm from behind.

Kilian saw yellow and flew off the area (81.) for this project after a nasty with yellow-red.

We didn’t have a stitch and the game deservedly lost, stated Rampart: In the initial half, Union was the very best team that I have seen right here for a long time. They are much better than we do.

Despite all the rage over the referee Rampart, after the final whistle, the 50-year-old Berlin had actually kicked the gang heartily.

Generally, Rampart grumbled that players would certainly no longer pay focus to the sphere in air disruptions, but would just leap just in the opponent

The young boy is with his back to the ball, gets the sphere on the upper arm. It will certainly be tricked, that’s outrageous. That is not the rule, said the Cologne coach.

1. FC Cologne: Steffen Rampart commends Union Berlin

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