Night City is an enemy to confront -Cyber Punk Edge Lanners producer interview

The 2077 player also asked how the convinced work was realized.

Cyber Punk Edge Manners has been highly evaluated since the distribution on September 13. Attention has been focused on the location linked to the game, and the number of players visiting Night City is increasing rapidly.

Immediately after the distribution, the editorial department had the opportunity to interview Mr. Honda and Elder Sou, who produced this work in CD Project Red. It revealed a big response to the work and the backstory about the link with the game.


Elder Sou: CD Project RED Cyber Punk Edge Manners producer

Comma: CD PROJECT RED Japan Country Manager/Cyber Punk Edge Runners producer

――Please tell us the role of CD Project Red (CDPR) in the production of edge runners.

My name is Elder Sou, who is in charge of the Elder Sou Edge Runners producer. In this project, my job was to bridge the communication between the two companies. It is a translation when simplified and explained. English CDPR, Japanese TRIGGER, in the meantime and bridge.

The big role of CDPR is to write a story that is the original draft of anime. Initially, we were planning to write all the scriptwriter, but when I handed it to TRIGGER, it was said that ((the script) is suitable for live-action, and it will not be an interesting anime. The period was about two years. Eventually, we made a tatakodai, and the flow was that Mr. Yeshiva USA and Masaryk Osaka were put into the script, and the 10 episodes were completed just before the production.

Others were supervising the entire process up to pre-production as the rights source.

Honda’s Se maker This project itself was drafted by CDPR, calling out to various anime studios, including TRIGGER, and finally produced with TRIGGER. Since we were completely interacting with Netflix, we were in charge of PR and marketing after the end of the production at Netflix, and TRIGGER took care of creating an environment where you can concentrate on production. Among them, we were communicating as a producer.

――In the previous distribution of TRIGGER, there was a story that the sound effect was specified and surprised, but how was the material provided?

Rather than doing something refreshing, it was a form that gave everything (laughs)

The request comes up from the trigger side for each story of Honda, and a list of cars and guns that appear in the number of stories appears. Therefore, we collected the necessary sound materials and 3D models while communicating with the development team. He also used a global setting, for example, how to draw cyberspace and lectures.

From around 2019 before the game was released, TRIGGER played the game and touched on the atmosphere of night city, so the work is provided to enhance the resolution to the original while providing a lot of materials. I took a lot of time.

――Is it produced from an early stage, so was David Martinez, which appears in after life, as an Easter egg?

It should have been included at the timing of Comma Kakuji-Generation version, so it’s actually a recent update. The hero’s name has been decided quite a while ago, but what would happen to his fate was not decided at the game release stage in December 2020, and it was risky to say clearly. After that, I decided to put it in the afterlife when the plot was solidified.

―― From the perspective of V, is it okay to know that it is such a thing?

I don’t think Elder Sou is no longer spoiled, but I don’t say anything in the core (laughs). This work is cyberpunk and CDPR. It seems that the head office thinks that the genre of cyberpunk is a hard-boiled with noir. Night City has explained to English-language voice actors as the ultimate dystopia in capitalism, the current American social problem is nine times thicker.

There is no one who is happy, peaceful blurred (laughs). David has made a lot of painful feelings. But that’s what everyone who lives in the night city, and no one is happy. I think it’s one of the purpose of this anime to watch the everyday piece through David.

Honda’s Southern Sakai Knowing Easter Egg is 100%player, and I don’t think you’ll notice that you don’t like Cyberpunk 2077. Conversely, those who are so immersed in 2077 are familiar with how cruel the city is, and how hard it is to be a happy ending there. I think they received them as such a message.

――The impression after the distribution, there was a great response in terms of digging around the world.

Comma Honda is also surprised because the audience’s reaction is very good. Probably the first thing that was interested in this anime was the game version of users, but the world is reproduced more than expected (for them), and attractive actions and stories are unfolding. I have a high reputation where I am. There is no doubt that it is a part that the Trigger side was consciously understood.

――What kind of process did you have in expanding the world? Also, did you interact with the original TRPG publisher R. Austrian Games?

Elder Sou This is an interesting story if you ask trigger, but personally, TRIGGER does not expand the world, but does not disappoint the original fans, so it is the maximum of Night City. I think I made an effort to reproduce the limit. I think it was the most beautifully reproduced in the picture frame, not the world expanding outside the picture frame. What Impish was worried about from the pre-pro was How to put the 3D open world in two dimensions. I’ve been worried all the time, so I think it’s definitely a work that blows it away.

It seems that you read the TRPG, which has a Japanese version, after knowing the various events, weapons, costumes, etc. that appear in Honda Games. In the trailer made by TRIGGER, there was also a quote from, such as steel is good for meat, so I think it was immersed in the world created by Mr. Gunsmith that started from there. I think Mr. Gunsmith had confirmed the setting once, but it was CDPR that was responsible for the supervision of this work, and there is a staff like a guardian of a world setting called LOA Master, and he is in the company. I proceeded while confirming the integrity.

―― Speaking of a work that has the expression of Cybernetics, the Ghost in the Shell is first mentioned, but it is an exclusive distribution on Netflix, and it is a rival as edge runners. Are you aware of differentiation from existing works?

Honda’s awareness is related to the reason why I chose Trigger as a partner, but the premise was that I didn’t want to make a second decoction.

It is strong that I do not want to be close to a movie or anime that I watched somewhere, and TRIGGER has never worked on cyberpunk as of 2018, so what is it? What I couldn’t imagine was a big advantage.

TRIGGER has a style that shakes the power balance of drawing into action, so by pushing out its characteristic to the front, the completed animation is far from the game version that focuses on detail and the real Blade Runner. You will be able to differentiate automatically. Looking at the feedback from everyone, I think it was the correct answer to choose Trigger.

――In the main game, music is an important factor, such as Johnny Silver Hand’s live and rock quotes. Please tell us your music, such as the use of Franz Ferdinand and Akira Yamaha in the edge runners, and selecting songs in the insert song.

The appointment of Elder Sou Franz Ferdinand was a proposal from the CDPR side. Adam Borowski (2077 director), the representative of our development, was originally a band fan. The reason for the use of THIS FFF IRE is easy to understand when you look at the lyrics, but it often expresses the David life of ignite the city. Davids take action by facing the city and enemies, but it is an OP that expresses the overall outline of anime, which eventually becomes ragged, so that was the criterion for selection. Isn’t it?

You can remember the Johnny’s line, Wake up (we have a city to burn.) In the Honda Game’s trailer, you can remember the Johnny line, but the city of night city. It is always an enemy in the world of cyberpunk. I think it is a corporate such as Military and Alaska, and the ultimate end point of capitalism, but people are confronting it and losing.

Since the theme is common in games and anime, the theme is naturally similar in songs.

That’s because Adam liked Silent Hill for Elder Souyamaoka. He was looking for a composer accompanied by a play, and he asked him to talk to Mr. Yamaha, and the story spread from there.

David podsiaDło, who sings Honda ED, and song materials such as in-game radio, are provided by the CDPR side, but I chose the Impish and creative director Kobayashi to determine where to use it. I have it.

――The viewer is a hot topic. The scenery of the game appears, what kind of process has passed?

I think Honda Sort is a big thing that Elder went to (laughs)

The game has not yet been released in the pre-pro stage of Elder Solo Anime, and it is the first time Trigger has touched the building under development outside the company. I went to TRIGGER’s headquarters with the build and had a good time to play the game with the director Impish for two months at a weekly pace (laughs). He told me that this megabuilding was a David house, if there was Alaska Academy, it would be this building or a carp in the city center.

――Are there any recommended spots?

Elder is clearly misunderstood, but the house where David lived is not actually the same mega building as V. Because it is , I want you to find the place where David was living.

Honda Sakura Mega Building is a solution to the expansion population in the night city, and it is like a building with the same specifications in the same space. V lives in Building 11, and David lived in Building No. 4 . Actually, it is in a completely different place, but the characteristics are the same, so I used the material of the V room to maintain the floor plan, and changed it to a house where David and Gloria live.

――Ocular brain calls are often expressed only by voice in other works, but in the edge runners, all the UIs of the game were displayed as they were. I think it was challenging, but how did this be added?

I originally handed out the Elder refreshing material, but it is not assumed to be accompanied by CDPR that it will be reproduced so faithfully, and the scene where Lucy plays a bleach protocol has risen just before the production is completed. Furthermore, I was glad that it was an expression.

Furthermore, I didn’t imagine the same perspective as Comma User, so I think it was strangely stunning for Trigger’s production. The materials such as fonts are handed out, but our supervision was to the storyboard, and this production was left to TRIGGER. Some people liked the game version, so I think they incorporated the ideas that came out of them.

――In the game side, you can see the beginning of the edge runner as it is, but how was this realized?

Honda Water was implemented while treating Netflix as a promotion and processing the rights around. Just putting a video is hated as a character of CDPR, so there is a style unique to a studio that always wants to have a story there. As for the BD of the anime that can be watched in the game, the headset has fallen in the Mega Building trash bin where David lives, and a message arrives from a certain character.

Initially, there was an idea that QR code was sent to the protagonist’s mobile phone and trailer was seen, but it would be a commercial, so it would break the fourth wall, so anime. I think that it is truly a focus on having a part of the BD as a BD and raising expectations for the main story of the next week.

――This work is limited to Netflix, which has no TV broadcast and has age restrictions. Games readers are sensitive to expression, so please let me know if you are surprised at this expression from CDPR.

Elder was always surprised (laughs), or did you do it so far? While watching the process of coloring and becoming clear from the state of the storyboard, with other staff members on a large screen, Oh, this expression comes out! There was quite a surprise. If you were wondering if you could enjoy something that could be enjoyed for all ages, I think it would have been an interesting finish by putting more adult expressions than CDPR.

The Honda rating is very different between games and video works, and Netflix has been set up its own, and this work is not recommended in Japan to be under 15 years old. In the early stages, TRIGGER had received a confirmation of any problems in the sex scenes in the first episode, so if the Netflix side is OK, we do not need to stop it.

As a CDPR, I was concerned about putting too many pornographic elements, but Trigger had a strong request to put it as a spice. As a result, I think it became a perfect spice and gave me a different taste.

I thought it was out diagonally above the Elder refreshing prediction.

――Is it left to the trigger side?

It looks like Honda. I didn’t expect it as a CDPR at all, so I think that there is something that trigger wants to draw purely and the motivation of the animator.

The description of everyone’s convinced was made up of the generous assistance of CDPR. And I am also impressed by TRIGGER, which presented a new expression of Night City, which exceeded the creator’s expectations. Isn’t the view that night city is enemy to confront for citizens is interesting for players? Along with the DLC Tentative Freedom, which was finally announced, the days of running on the neon town are likely to continue.

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