Google Stadia will definitely close in January 2023

Confirmed: Google will close its cloud game platform next January 2023. Refunds will be made to Stadia products in these months.

Google Stadia says goodbye to the market. The American giant will close its cloud game platform on January 18, 2023 . Phil Harrison, general manager and vice president of the service, h broken down the reons that have led the company to close it after less than 3 years since its launch.

A few years ago, we launched a consumer service, Stadia. And while the approach of Stadia to the retransmission of games w built on solid technological bes, h not won traction in the users we expected , so we have made the difficult decision to close our service, says Harrison In an entry on the official google blog.

When will stadia reimbursements be made?

From this moment on, the following steps will be taken: players can access their game library until January 18, 2023, the lt day you can play Stadia. Google expects to complete most reimbursements around the same month , although it h not been specified at the moment what will be the way you will receive your money again. Of course, they emphize that their intention is to be returned to the original payment method.

Refunds will cover both games and hardware . In the latter they point out the Founders Edition, Premiere Edition, the Play and Watch of the Google TV packages and the Stadia command bought directly from Google. Unfortunately, the money from subscriptions will not be returned to Stadia Pro. Physical hardware will not be necessary to return it to receive the money back.

Google will update this entry on your website once they decide what the process to complete reimbursements will be; However , they indicate that you remain attentive to the email you used for purches . You will receive a message with specific addresses in the coming weeks.

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