How to update a place in the inventory in Coral Island

Coral Island is an exciting farm-available player, available for a PC, where you can create your own story and adventure.
The world of Coral Islan

Coral Island is an exciting farm-available player, available for a PC, where you can create your own story and adventure. The Coral Island world is filled with many diverse NPCs, with which you can establish sincere relationships, caves for research and empty fields for creating farms. There are many valuable materials around you that you can collect using the necessary equipment and items. You can only carry what you can fit in your backpack, which means that you will need to free more space by buying updates and expanding it.

How to get more space for inventory in Coral Island

All the objects that you collect and collect around the world are collected in your inventory, which can consist of your backpack and tools with tools. Your belt with tools is a quick place in your inventory, where you can quickly switch and choose items for use. Any open places in your belt with tools and a backpack will be filled with assembled items. You start only with a limited volume of storage of 15 slots for your inventory, but you can improve your backpack by buying an additional place.


where to buy more space for a backpack on a coral island

To update your backpack, you will need to go to Sam’s universal store, located in a city in a building with a red roof near your house. You can find it on your map, indicated by the icon of the product cart in the Townie area. The store is open only at a certain time, which you can see by opening hours of the store in the upper left corner of the card menu or by pointing the cursor to a certain place.

Once in the store, talk with Sam and select a bag of improvements option. The first update will increase the storage of your inventory to 20 and will cost 500 coins . After this purchase, you can renew 10 for 3500 coins again. Each update will increase in price, but will allow you to carry with you a more significant number of items.

You will need a lot of space in your inventory to explore the island and collect all the unique and necessary materials scattered around. You will need to first update your bag by visiting Sam in his store. Do not forget that you can also store objects in chests to make room.

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