[Limited time free] Horror ACT DARKWOOD & action ADV TOEJAM & EARL: Back in The Groove!

The distribution deadline is midnight on October 21, 2022, Japan time.

The free distribution of the two action adventures Dark wood and * TEAM & EARL: Back in the Groove! It started for a limited time. By performing the obtained procedure within the distribution period, you can play unlimitedly.

Dark wood is a single-played single-play work that operates the character from a viewing perspective.

In this work, the player explores the eerie forest of random generation with mutated animals and plants. In the afternoon, we will explore and make weapons and tools with the materials obtained, and at night we will explore the clues to escape while preparing for the battle to compete with the threat of darkness.

TEAM & EARL: Back in the Groove! Is a single and multiplayer compatible work that operates the character from a viewpoint.


In Japan, the Trajan & Earl, which was released in 1992 for megadrives, has been developed by the creators at the time, adding many new improvements to modern times. Players will explore the parts of the scattered spacecraft of the fan key combination using various items on the random-generated map. A cross-play-up date is also implemented at the same time as this free distribution. Multiplayer is possible with Epic Games store version and Steam version. This work also supports Japanese.

The next week’s free distribution is scheduled for two sets of action adventure England Legendary Edition and RPG Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition .

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