TSG Hoffenheim Releases Head Coach Gabor Gallai

TSG 1899 Cofferdam has made a significant change in the coaching position of its women’s side, as Gabor Galleys is no longer head coach. In this article, we will look at the reasoning behind this move, and how it might affect the team’s performance going forward.

According to Ralf Zanzibar, Head of the Women’s Football department at TSG and kid of the previous DFB President Theo Zanzibar, the definitive element was the existing circumstance after completion of a preliminary round that was not acceptable, which was seriously assessed and caused this step have.
Galleys took over the TSG in the summer of 2020 and took third location in the Bundesliga.

In the following season, the group endured the Champions League credentials and participated in the premier class for the very first time in the club’s history.
Gabor has a massive proportion of great development approximately the Champions League involvement in our group. We are very grateful for his work, said Zanzibar.
Nonetheless, before the unfavorable development of the past couple of months, we were unable to close our eyes-The fifth in the table threaten to miss out on the ambitious Kraichgauer again.
At TSG, one is optimistic to find a quick succession strategy.
You are already in contact with a fascinating prospect.
Till his takeover, the previous assistant coach and expert Nadine Roller will take care of the preparation for the second half of the season.


She has actually proven its quality in her very first season and enjoys our trust, stated twenties.


Golden State Warriors Rumors: Defending champions named as potential landing spot for Detroit Pistons scorer

With the NBA season just getting underway, rumors are already swirling around the Golden State Warriors’ potential roster moves. Could a move for Detroit Pistons scorer Bajan Bogdanović be on the cards? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the latest GSW rumors and explore what it would mean for the defending champions if they were to make such a move.

Bogdanović is no longer simply a shooter however is a legitimate scorer. He can make catch-and-shoot 3s, drive to the basket or discover other ways to rating. He’s averaging 21.3 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists, while shooting 49.7% from the field and 42.3% from beyond the arc.

The only drawback to getting Bogdanović is that he’s already 33. He likewise signed a two-year extension worth $39 million, which will kick in next season. The Warriors have the greatest payroll in the NBA, while their superstars are already in their 30s.


Nevertheless, Hughes likewise mentioned that the Warriors are not the only group thinking about Bogdanović. The LA Lakers tried to get him from the Utah Jazz prior to he was traded to the Detroit Pistons in the off season.

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Who could the Golden State Warriors trade in exchange for Bogdanović? Grant Hughes opined that Golden State could part methods with James Wiseman and Moses Moody, plus another salary filler.

According to Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report, Bogdanović would be a perfect suitable for the defending champions. Hughes explained that Curry’s lack might require the Warriors to find assistance and reinforce the lineup.

The Pistons are still restoring around Made Cunningham, Jaden Ivey and Galen Duran. They’re not anticipated to make the playoffs this season and might be in play for the first total choice next year.

The Golden State Warriors have actually been called as a potential landing spot for Detroit Pistons scorer Bajan Bogdanović. The Warriors are trying to make it through the next two to 4 weeks without Steph Curry, who’s out with a left shoulder injury.

Can Golden State Warriors survive without Steph Curry?

Steph Curry suffered a partial dislocation of his left shoulder in a video game against the Indiana Pacers.

Jordan Poole stepped up in the Warriors’ win over the Toronto Raptors on Sunday. He scored a career-high 43 points to lead Golden State. If the safeguarding champs want to endure in the absence of Curry, he will have to continue playing like a superstar.

He’s set to miss out on a number of weeks, as per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. The Golden State Warriors superstar declined to offer a timeline of his return at a press conference last Friday.

Given that losing Curry to injury, the safeguarding champs are 1-1 and could be in trouble due to their schedule. They face the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Internet in their next 2 video games prior to a showdown versus the Memphis Grizzlies at Christmas.

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Jordan Poole stepped up in the Warriors’ win over the Toronto Raptors on Sunday. He scored a career-high 43 points to lead Golden State. He will have to continue playing like a superstar if the defending champions desire to endure in the lack of Curry.

Bogdanović is no longer simply a shooter however is a legitimate scorer. The Warriors have the biggest payroll in the NBA, while their superstars are already in their 30s.


FC Bayern Munich: Comes Argentinas World Cup. FC Bayern Munich is concerned with Emiliano Martínez after the violation

FC Bayern Munich is looking to make a big move in the transfer market as they look to replace injured goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. Reports are saying that Emiliano Martínez of Argentina is being looked at for the position, as he meets the requirements for experience, efficiency, and mental strength that Bayern Munich desires. Read on in this article to find out why FC Bayern is making such a move and how it might work out for them.

FC Bayern Munich is worried with Emiliano Martínez after the offense of keeper Manuel Neuer.


This reports Media Foot.
Appropriately, the goalkeeper meets very important requirements such as experience, performance and psychological strength.
The 30-year-old is presently under contract with Aston Villa up until 2027.
The Argentinian played a strong world championship in Qatar and secured the title to his team with excellent parades and a charge.

According to the report, however, Martínez has actually not prepared to leave the Premier League.
With a deal of a club like FC Bayern, who routinely has excellent cards in the Champions League, his viewpoint could alter.
German media just recently reported that the Munich Summer, alternatively, might sign from Borussia Mönchengladbach.
The Swiss would be totally free of charge in summer season and could therefore be a low-cost winter transfer for the record champions.
Articles and videos on the topic
FC Bayern: Coming summer season in winter?
Register the Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays solely reside on DAZN-now!
According to Sky, this circumstance is even probably.
Finally, there were numerous reports that Alexander Nobel did not strive for a return due to distinctions with goalkeeper coach Toni Analogic.
A choice is anticipated today.


Torjäger Winter Break: Scoring In Open Races And Preliminary Decisions

While the Torjägerkanone® is an award that is highly sought after in many leagues, it’s not always easy to figure out who is most likely to win. In this article, find out which men and women are currently leading the race and get insight into the strategies they use to stay ahead of the competition. Plus, learn how to make your own preliminary decisions about who should take home the trophy during winter break!

In the 460 leagues of the nine level, a little cushion developed at the top for the winter break Muhammed Celia (Romania Bottrop) with 45 goals from 17 games.

In second place: Pascal Them from Television Klaswipper with 41 goals.
Behind it, the field clashes closely, to discuss Over Sims from SV Hilden-Ost, which is ninth with 35 goals, however has the leading quota of 3.18 goals/game.
In 2015’s winner scored 77 goals.
Projection: open

League 10

Our system counts throughout Germany, our system counts, and four favorites have actually emerged here up until winter break: the leading trio Sebastian Later (55 goals, CFB Wölbattendorf), Philipp still (52 goals, Turn Niederhöchstadt) and Marcel Diaz Artie (50 goals,
C.R.E.U. Host) is fairly close together.
The ranking-list fourth Luis Flores currently has a twelve goal gap on the leading timelier with 43 goals, with an average of 3.9 hits per video game, but the best quota-.
From fifth place then follows a narrow field with more distance.
By the way, the last year’s winner came to 84 hits.
Forecast: One of the named will take the race

League 11

In the 452 leagues, in which objective scorers of the eleventh level apply around the cannon, Lucas Schneider (SSV Hagen) scored 57 goals in 14 games and hence currently leads with eight goals ahead of Eyre Mermerkaya (SG Phoenix Ewing, 49 goals in 11 games).
The more field is currently correctly broken, however the past has actually revealed that surprising can still do so.
The overall winner of the previous year was 76 goals.
Forecast: schneider or merkerkaya do it


League 3

There are five leagues for females at level 3 and according to the state of affairs, you can presume a duel in between the local northeast and west.
Aydin Yaren (Viktoria Berlin) with 23 goals from twelve video games is in location in the general ranking, just Nadine rather of TSV Scott Mainz presently holds with 22 goals from eleven games.
The duo not only has a significant lead, however also plainly the best goal quotas.


By the way, the in 2015’s winner scored 33 goals.
Projection: Yaren or rather do it

League 4

It is a more detailed race quickly prior to the winter break in the 17 leagues of level 4: first location and tenth location separate only 10 goals.
Caroline Klaus ch (Russia Pinko) protected the leading position over winter in the final spurt, with 29 goals from 10 video games she not only has the very best chances of the top 10, but also a four-goal pad on chaser Lynn Meyer (Contract Braunschweig, 25 goals from twelve video games).
Just the eleventh ranked in eleventh, Franziska Kuhn (Grunewald Riesling, 18 goals from six games) has an even much better quota with GATT 3 goals per game.
58 hits were needed for success last year.
Forecast: open

League 5

Marlene Hobart from Cherie Leipzig (29 goals from 8 video games) not just has the many hits however also the very best quota and causes Marie Koch (Germania Wernigerode, 27 goals from ten video games) and Sing Lapel (SV Thule, 27 goals from 13 video games) in the 39 German leagues of level 5.
In 2015 (with) winner Larissa Plus (SG Phoenix Wilda, 26 goals from eleven games) was also in fourth place.
It is definitely also to be mentioned Lucy Gutenberg (SG Dab run), who just required seven video games for 23 goals and thus 5th place.
You can see: Too Close to Call, specifically given that strikers can be found with leading quotas in the further ranking.
51 goals were scored by the overall winner in 2015
Projection: open

League 6

In level 6, that includes 72 leagues, Lisa Scram (BSG Scandals Marlow) with 50 goals from eleven games is already 15 hits ahead of her sharpest chaser Leandro Monday (Tempo Richard, 35 goals from 14 games).
When it comes to quota, nobody can get to Scram even.
Noteworthy: Scram has actually already torn the variety of hits, which was enough for an overall victory last year (47 goals).
Forecast: Scram is not brought in fit and fit

League 7

In the 81 leagues of level 7 it is Main Schooner (SV 1967 Mülheim-Raadt) with 66 goals from eleven games (smooth 6 goals per game) a likewise remarkable 23-hits cushion in front of the ranked Laura Telemann (GW Steinbeck, 43 goals from 14 games) can call your own.
The concern is probably less whether Schooner will make the general winner of the seventh level, but whether she can split the 93 goal mark of her predecessor.
Forecast: Schooner will not be fetched fit-not anymore


League 4

The Bavarian regional league strikers are at the leading edge at the winter break: Adam Jaybird from 1. FC Schweinfurt is currently leading with 17 goals from 20 missions.
With a quota of 0.85 goals per game, he likewise has the finest of the top 10 agents.
Sailor Seine (Würzburg s, 15 goals, second location) and in 2015’s winner Patrick Hob sch (Sprig Interacting, 13 goals, 7th location) are still in the race, however likewise Leonardo ionic (1. FC Nuremberg II, 14 goals, from the sovereign.
Fourth location) may determine opportunities.
Of course, this likewise applies to the representatives of the 4 other local leader, specifically because they have actually often completed considerably less video games.
North Top tor hunter Moritz Gotten (VFV Hildesheim), who is in third place, for his 14 goals just 18 video games with 0.78 goals per video game, he has the 2nd best quota of the top scorers.
It is rather possible that a formerly undramatic will snap the cannon at the end.
In 2015 Hob sch was enough for the award for 28 goals.
Projection: open

League 5

A widely known face lonely at the top: Ex-professional Martin Harris comes to 32 goals from 20 parts of the Oberlin Hamburg in the previous round of the Oberlin Hamburg represents a quota of 1.6 hits per video game.
The 35-year-old from Us Dahrendorf is on the point of being the best objective scorer of the 15 5th leagues throughout Germany-39 goals for the overall victory were needed in the previous season.
His 2 presently the sharpest pursuers, Time Band (PSV Munster) and Marco Plonk (SV Todesfelde) both kick in the Oberlin Schleswig-Holstein and take a look at a twelve objective gap in Harris with 20 goals from 19 video games.
Mikey Kieselbach (Harder SV) and Omar Sill ah (FC Oberneuland), after Harris’s best quota amongst the very best objective scorers, who are both eleventh with 1.13 goals per game (17 in total).
By the method, with 19 goals from 21 video games there is a certain Sasha Molders from TSV Lands berg with 19 goals from 21 video games…
Projection: If Harris remains fit, he is no longer acquired

League 6

The leading of the 37 6th leagues is called Sasha Hahn: With 27 goals from 16 video games, he is at the top in the Tableau.
Still, one has to state, due to the fact that the aggressor from the Hessian association league group Blau-Gelb Marburg fails for a long time due to a damaged collarbone and will most likely have no opportunity of the overall triumph in the end.
Behind it, the pursuers abuse with the hooves: above all Mihai-Vladut Bite (Ahrensburger TSV), which is likewise at 27 goals, only required another game.
A curling iron in the fire is definitely also the third-placed Moritz Pittman (SG Glücksbrunn Schwann), who has gathered 23 goals to likewise show a strong quote with 1.64 goals per video game.
And Ken Dion (22 goals, TSV Normal Satrap) is comparable in the race.
One chance, it ends up being clear, you probably only have approximately 1.5 hits per video game in this level.
By the way, the total winner came to 47 goals last year.
Projection: open

League 7

In the 99-seventh leagues throughout Germany, Rico-Rene Frank from the district league club Germania Bleckenstedt, which is based in Salzgitter, is ahead.
With a total of 36 goals from 17 video games, he held the lead in front of Lucas Caretaker (TSV Gangsta, 35 goals) and Adrian Sousa (Turk Birlispor, 34 goals) throughout winter break.
Trade Minkowski (FSV Collagen, 33 goals) is also still in a race that can still be explained as mostly open
Due To The Fact That with Felix Enter (Doberman FC, 26 goals), the man with the very best quota from the leading field (2.17 goals/game) remains in place twelve.
Shifts are quite possible in the new year.
55 goals were necessary for the overall success here in the last season.
Forecast: open.

League 8

Stanislav Nikiforow is the leading one in the 8th league, but with 34 goals from 19 games in the Bamberg district league for SC Reichmannsdorf, nevertheless, he only has a close upholster on the chaser field.
At 33 goals, Hakim Bentley (1. FC Mülheim-Styrum) remains in second location, which needed 2 video games less.
At this moment to call additional favorites, a betting would come similarly: Since top place and 52 are just 10 goals.
What is specific: In the last season, 56 hits were needed for the total victory.
So wait and see who remains in completion of the 258 leagues.
Forecast: open

League 9


Who starts again when?

With the Bundesliga’s decision to stay in hibernation for a few more weeks, football fans from around the world are wondering when they can expect their favorite teams to take the field again. In this article, we take a look at how other European top leagues have responded to Covid-19 and what it means for players and teams as they prepare to start back up again.


The Bundesliga treats itself to an extensive break after the World Cup, even if the tournament was over for the German international earlier than expected.
The 16th match day will only advance January 20, which then RB Leipzig and leader FC Bayern will open.
The Munich can secure the fall champion afterwards.
While the 3.
League reports back a week earlier, the second department teams only get in again on January 27th.
They had currently completed their first half of the season prior to the World Cup.


English expert football goes a totally different method.
The Premier League did not let the Holy Boxing Day eliminate from the Winter World Cup, therefore Julian Alvarez, Emiliano Martinez, Hugo Loris, Raphael Marine & Co. Clubs again asked and theory again.
It is rather possible that some lead characters can take a few more days.
This uses even more to the 2nd round in the League Cup, which starts this Tuesday and ends on Thursday with the top video game in between Manchester City and Liverpool FC.
In this competition, the top clubs usually let lots of reservists do without a World Cup.


La Liga also does not wait up until 2023 to continue the season.
On December 29th, FC Girona and Ray Volcano will play the first duel of the 15th match day when Real Madrid at Real Valladolid (December 30, 9:15 p.m.) and FC Barcelona against Español Barcelona (New Year’s Eve, 2 p.m.) are required.

Even after that, it continues cheerfully weekly.



Series A is back on January fourth.
Between 12.30 p.m. and late evening, all games of the 16th match day take location to open the 17th match day by 3 days later.
Juventus Turin in particular will be especially in focus after the workers quake throughout the World Cup.


Ligue 1, which is now just Kick-start World Master League, is also using the turn of the year to resume the thread of the weeks interrupted.
On December 28th and 29th, the 17th match day is set up on January first and 2nd.
Paris St. German, Bavaria’s challenger in the Champions League round of 16, who understands the exceptional players of the World Cup final in his ranks in Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, meets Strasbourg (H) and Lens (a) with 2nd location
Five points behind PSG had actually gone into the world cup break.


World Cup 2022 in Qatar – Insanity! Messi photo blows up Instagram. It was undoubtedly the crowning glory of a unique

For football fans all over the world, the recent World Cup in Qatar has been an amazing and unforgettable experience. From Neymar’s dramatic penalty kick to Lionel Messi’s iconic photo with the trophy, there has been no shortage of excitement throughout the tournament. In this article, we’ll take a look at how much the first-ever World Cup title meant to Messi and why his photo with the trophy blew up Instagram!

It was undoubtedly the crowning splendor of a unique s career!
With the world champion title with the Argentine national team, Lionel Messi has finally turned into one of the biggest footballers of all time.
Just how much the very first World Cup title of his career implies the superstar, Messi himself formulated in an Instagram post on Sunday night.
This contribution in social networks has now made a brand-new world record.
The post, in which the 35-year-old promoted the very first time after the triumph of the Albiceleste about France (4-2 in the penalty shootout), reached an amazing 46.5 million likes on Instagram until early Monday evening.
Messi shared several pictures that showed him in iconic poses with the World Cup trophy.
The ball artist from Paris Saint-Germain composed, to name a few things: I dreamed it so typically, I desired it so much that I still can’t think it….
In addition, the living Argentinian football legend thanked his household and with everyone, who support me, and also to everybody who thought in us.
According to the English online website B/R Football, the Messi post has long been the Instagram contribution with the most likes of a s personality in history.

Messi with a substantial percentage of Argentina’s World Cup accomplishment.

In general, practically 400 million individuals worldwide have actually registered for the main account of the numerous world footballer.
With the first Argentine World Cup title in 36 years, La Pulley has actually lastly established the status of a football saint in his house nation.


Messi had actually already won the Copa América in the national team’s jersey in 2021, and he had actually already become Olympic champion with Argentina in 2008.
In 2014, he and his team still stopped working due to the German choice in the final (0: 1).
In the grand ending of this year’s World Cup in Qatar, Messi played a significant part in the 3rd World Cup triumph of the South Americans with two objectives in the 120 minutes of play and a converted charge in the subsequent shoot-out.


Report: VfB Stuttgart hot for this Bundesliga

With the Bundesliga winter break in full swing, VfB Stuttgart are working hard to get the personnel reinforcements they need to compete in the relegation battle. In this article, we will be examining a possible new addition to the league cure and looking at how this could benefit Stuttgart’s chances of survival. Let’s dive in!

VfB Stuttgart is working intensively during the current Bundesliga winter break with its new s director Fabian Wohlgemuth to get personnel reinforcements for the transfer fight.
A possible brand-new addition could switch from direct league competitor VFL Wolfsburg to the Nectar.
According to the kicker, the Swabians need to have an interest in Joshua Guilavogui.
The protective midfielder was as soon as considered an indisputable routine gamer at the wolves, playing a large part of all competitive games in the club in his very first years.
For a long time now, the 32-year-old has only been playing the function of the supplementary gamer in Wolfsburg and just ran four times in the present Bundesliga season from the start.
Because Guilavogui seems to be only a 2nd option at VFL anyway, the Stuttgart hope that according to the media report, the recurring agreement term still wishes to be able to save him from the Autostart by summer 2023.


Lambada and Guilavogui currently interacted in Wolfsburg

According to the professional magazine, the protective midfielder applies to CFB coach Bruno Lambada, who has actually currently worked with Guilavogui in Wolfsburg, as a sample expert with regard to his work setting, tactical understanding and experience.
All attributes that can end up being of great value in the tough transfer fight of the Bundesliga.
Whether the table-16.
The funds are offered to sign an experienced midfielder from a direct rival is presently thought about doubtful.
Nevertheless, the opportunities of the Stuttgart team could not considerably increase the truth that VFL Wolfsburg will probably no longer be planning with the veteran from next summer.
Joshua Guilavogui has been under agreement for the wolves since 2014 and has actually objected to Bundesliga games given that the 194.

In 2015, he became German cup winner and runner-up with VFL Wolfsburg.


Dirk Bauermann Returns To German Basketball Association

Baumann will in future become a national coach and coordinator for the male youth area, as the association announced on Monday.

In the more than 30 years of expert sport, I had the ability to have a great deal of experiences, discovered a lot, have acquired a lot. It is time to return something. So I’m really delighted to return ‘back home’, said Baumann, who in the wedding event
Supervised by Dirk Nowitzki between 2003 and 2011 as head coach.
For DBB President Ingo Weiss, the comeback is not unexpected.
Contact with Dirk has never entirely taken down, and I am very happy that we are coming together again, stated the official.
Baumann will bear the entire conceptual responsibility in the male DBB junior location in coordination with men’s national coach Gordon Herbert and the young national coaches.

Numerous titles with Leverkusen and Bamberg

In the last few years, Baumann has actually trained FC Bayern Munich, S. Oliver Würzburg and the Rostock Sea wolves in Germany.


Throughout this time he was on clubs in Lithuania, Russia, China and Turkey.
After the DBB team, he likewise coached the national groups of Poland and Iran, led Tunisia to the Africa Champion.
He commemorated his first successes as a young coach of Bayer Leverkusen.
He led the giants of the Rhine to 7 champion titles in the 90s, and after the turn of the centuries, Baumann was also two champions with Bamberg.


Maple Story 2: The One Game That Wont Let You Forget About It

■ t Ranking-Winter update notice of ‘Maple Story’, 1 step up to 8th place

◎ ‘Maple Story’, which announced winter update, and the 8th place to beat Star Craft
-People Story, which was held on the 15th of winter, was successful in the eighth place, which rose one step from the previous week.
Expectations for large-scale updates and growth support events for winter seemed to have been effective.
Maple Story’s large-scale updates will begin on December 22, and new characters, Carly, will also be added.

◎ In addition to the new character ‘Corn’, the ranking of the 6th stage of the Making Heroes Exhibition
-Likewise, Nixon’s online RPG ‘Making Hero Exhibition’, which officially updated the new wizard character ‘Corn’ on the 15th, also succeeded in ranking.
This week’s Making Heroes ranked 35th, which is 6 steps up compared to last week.
The new character ‘Corn’ is a character that uses bead-shaped weapons ‘Orbit’ to solve the battle.
In commemoration of the update, the game will hold a winter golden time event until February 16, and will also hold a growth support event such as ‘Level Up Climbing Event’.

◎ ‘Lost Arc’ announced in the first half of 2023
-Last weekend, ‘Roan Winter’, a winter festival for Lost Arc users, was held.
The event, which was held offline at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jongno-gu, Seoul, has been presenting the recent situation for a long time, and the current CCO has been presented in the first half of 2023.

As it was announced over the weekend, it did not have much impact on this week’s leading table, but Roan Winter raised expectations with the announcement of the new class ‘Slayer’, which is scheduled to be updated in January.
It is necessary to see how the winter events and hyper expresses that will be held during the remaining December will affect the leading table.


■ Domestic PC room ranking-December 3 weeks PC room weekly report

◎ Last week’s total use time of PC rooms nationwide 16.96 million hours, 5.9% compared to last week
-PC room game statistical service ‘The Log’ totaled 16.96 million hours of PC rooms in December.
The number is 5.9% compared to the previous week, and the number is 25.2% higher than the previous year, when the social distance was in progress due to Corona 19.
The weekly utilization rate of PC rooms was 13.2%on weekdays and 18.7%on weekends, with an average of 14.7%on weekends.

◎ ‘Pass of Exile’, PC room ranking 17th ranked
-The Pass of Exile, which has risen high with the launch of the new league, has succeeded in continuing the rise until this week.
The PC room usage ranking reached 86.7% compared to the previous week, resulting in 11 steps and ranked 17th.

■ Steam game trend of this week

◎ Trendy Steam Game of this week: ‘Dark & Dasher Play Test’
-The most prominent game in Steam DB Trend Indicators was the play test version of the online Pope adventure game ‘Dark & Dasher’.
In the background of the medieval fantasy, Dark & Darker, who explores dungeons and finds treasures, was famous in Korea by a famous game streamer a few months ago.
The game is about to be released in the fourth quarter of 23, and you can request access to the play test on the Steam Store page.

◎ 60% discount effect?
‘FIFA 23’ breaks 90,000 people in the most
-EA sports soccer game, ‘FIFA 23’, has exceeded 90,000 people in the highest day and has been named in Steam User Statistics.
The 60% discount in three months after the launch in late September seems to be the main factor in the increase in users, but if you see the first 90,000-dong since the launch, the ‘All-time’ World Cup finals, which were held dawn, also helped to increase the user.
It is solved by becoming.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

◎ 5th in Google sales, ‘Auckland’ that continues to rise
-The mobile game sales leaderboard shows that Long Games’ new ‘Auckland’ is the fifth place in Google sales, slowly and surely continuing the rise.
The increase in the chance of summoning the SSR hero ‘Raphael’, which began with its first update since last week’s launch, has had a positive impact on sales.

◎ A series of events and new characters, ‘Uranus Me’ Google sales 6th place
-Mummy Pretty Derby, which was not included in the top 10 Google Play sales last week, also returned to the leadership through various events.
From the ‘Half Anniversary’ event to commemorate the recent six months of service, new characters will be released in succession, contributing to the sales ranking.
In addition, the new characters and support cards that appear from today (19th) will be more likely to affect the sales rankings in the future.

◎ ‘Hit 2’, which has fallen slightly to 10th place, 2023 update roadmap announcement
-Meanwhile, MMORPG ‘Hit 2’, which ranked 7th in Google Play last week, was named 10th this week.
‘Hit 2’, which announced the update roadmap at the user offline event on the 17th, announced that it will hold both internal and new contents in 23 years.
With the 21st update, the Christmas season commemoration and the third season pass will be held, and new contents and new weapons will be updated in the first quarter of next year.

■ tory Popular Game Voting


Andreas Beck: It Was A Wild Ride – My Sportive Career Comes To An End

andreas beck is a German retired footballer, who played as a defender. After almost 17 years of professional career, Beck decided to end his career and writes about his experience.

He was a really young champion with VfB Stuttgart, later on captain in Cofferdam and even got up to the global, he was two champ in Turkey with Besides prior to going back to CFB, with which he relegated in 2019.
Most recently, Andreas Beck kicked at Keys Eu pen in Belgium, where his contract had actually ended in summer.
He has actually been leaving out some choices ever since, rather the 35-year-old is now officially putting the active career.
In an interview with the (Monday edition), the former full-back recalls.
Beck has actually experienced a lot in all the time.
It began in Stuttgart, where he was brought up to the professionals with the B-and A-Juniors by Giovanni Trapani after the championship.
Armin VH then let him play there for the very first time in February 2006.
A year later, Beck had the shell in his hand, but just four missions in the field.
Nonetheless, I felt like a huge master. Thomas Tuchel, then my coach in youth, said: And, you are not yet anything! You are just a genuine expert after 100 Bundesliga video games. And he was right.

Beck’s preferred challenger

In the end, Beck for Stuttgart and the TSG came to 290 games in the German Overhaul.
Roberto Firming particularly impressed him there as a teammate in Cofferdam, he at first thought: Oh, whether that will be with the boy?
Who were the worst challengers for him?
Robbed and Bribery put you on a non-stop. You won the ball eight times and celebrated yourself internally, but the ninth time they were over and then the bell.

I also had randy battles against Tobias Werner at his time or against Daniel Caligari, who is still dipping into the FCA, a severe employee. Therefore, I always comprehended professional football.
Beck bid his side, on the right and left, and was there when the promoted Cofferdam marched through till the autumn champion in 2008.
It was a wild ride, he says about it today.
I matured in Cofferdam.
And to the nationwide player.
It was only in the U 21, with which he became European champion together with Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boating, Sami Hegira or Mats Hummels in 2009.
Then also in the A-Elf, for which he played nine times, but narrowly missed the 2010 World Cup team, among the sad minutes of career.

future open

Whatever checked off.
In the meantime, Beck is dedicated to brand-new subjects.
He runs ultratrails, most just recently over 122 kilometers in a row in Croatia which without cruciate ligament in the ideal knee.
Do you see him once again as a trainer or in the management of a club?
He doesn’t understand everything yet.
I have no time pressure. The player career is over, but so far new doors have actually always been open in life.
Perhaps he is likewise drawn to the complimentary economy, according to the slogan Beck to Business.


In the Monday edition of the you can also check out a huge interview with Andreas Beck about his career hear as magazines.