How to fulfill the quest of friendship Woody 7

Disney Dreamlight Valley includes not only the main characters from your favorite Disney films.
As part of the quest chain of friendship, Woody will you help?

Disney Dream light Valley includes not only the main characters from your favorite Disney films.
As part of the quest chain of Friendship Woody, you will help your favorite little green aliens from a Toy Story.
Here’s how to fulfill Seeking: Aliens, the quest of the seventh-level friendship of Woody in Disney Dream light Valley.

How to go is sought: aliens in the Drimelaite Disney Valley

To unlock this quest, you need to invite Woody and Jazz to the village from the kingdom of the history of toys.
You will need to fulfill the first two quests in the chain of Woody’s tasks, it is better to make a mistake and a little fix, and then raise the level of friendship of Woody to the seventh level.
You also need to advance into the scrapping tasks and unlocked the clearing of trust and the frosty heights of biome.
To start this quest, talk with Woody, who is looking for aliens who fled after the accident at the carousel.
Woody believes that the best way to cope with the creatures is to fix the Claw car so that everyone has a place where you can return home.
He will give you several details of cars and a claw.


To complete the repair, you will need to collect the following materials:
Ten deciduous rocks
Two iron ingots (created from ten iron ores and two coal ores)
12 pieces of glass (created from 60 pieces of sand and 12 coal ores)
Use all these materials to create The Claw Machine from the functional elements tab of your craft menu.
Return to Woody carousel and give a new Woody car.
As soon as it is installed, you decide to ask Jazz to help you find aliens.
Jazz knows the whereabouts of four aliens.
Unfortunately, he did not have royal instruments to save them.

You can contact images or list below for their location:
Buried in the sand Dazzle Beach (next to the strip of the earth leading to the Cave Ursula)
Frozen in the ice near the waterfall (next to the Sufi counter in frosty altitudes)
In the ground near the giant willow (this is the house of Mother Hotel in the clearing of trust)
In the cave of Sharma (next to his lying stone)
Return the aliens Woody, and this quest will be completed.
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