7 Things to Know about the Junior Cup Quarterfinals

Quarter-finals in the junior cup: 1. FC Köln and Hertha BSC solved the semi-final ticket on Saturday.
Defending champion VfB Stuttgart will play on Schalke on Sunday.

The German Junior Cup is an in-season competition for the U19 teams of Bundesliga clubs. The final will be played on May 13th, with for the first time a junior cup winner being awarded a spot at the Nations League Finals. Find out who made the quarterfinals and what to expect in this article!

On Saturday, 1. FC Cologne dominated versus Holstein Kiel.
The Hofstadter, leaders in the west relay of the U-19 Bundesliga, owed their semi-finals Aka Cuber, who scored the only goal of the day.


The Slovenian opponent kept his nerves in the last stage and hit the video game in a charge for the game-decisive 1-0 (79. ).
Bertha BSC meanwhile dominated at 1. FC Nuremberg.
The Berliners, who lead the north/northeast relay of the A-Junior federal leagues, took the lead after the break by Ibrahim Maya (48th).
Pepe Pereira Mendes (56.) followed a couple of minutes later on.
After Can Run reduced for the FCN, Dominik Schickersinsky (88th) made the 3-1 last rating in front of 650 spectators shortly before the last whistle.

title protector Stuttgart in action on Sunday

While the very first 2 semi-finalists are determined with Perfume and Berlin, the 2 others are determined on Sunday.
Protecting champion VfB Stuttgart is guest at FC Schalke 04. Mainz 05 also receives FC St. Pauli.

The kick-off is at 7 p.m.

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