Naruto Spin-Off Starring Sasuke And Sakura Announced

Naruto spin off episodes are announced focused on Sasuke and Sakura.
Same that will be broadcast from next year, in January

Although it is no longer as popular as before, the world of Naruto continues to give what to talk about manga publications as Spin Off this we saw recently with new adventures of the teacher Gas and even Takashi.


However, the story that caught the most attention was one of Leisure and Sakura, which would now have its anime adaptation.
The plot puts us as a prelude to a disease that whips Naruto, so his friends of team 7 will have to start a trip to cure him.
The new anime episodes will begin in January and are titled Leisure Retsuden-Secret Basement, obviously, the animation of the Pierrot study, which has always worked in the saga.

Leisure return anime arc 2023 provisional episode titles:

-Episode 284: Leisure Return ・ Secret Basement (サスケ 烈 伝 ・ の 秘密) [1/22]

-Episode 285: Leisure Return ・ Sky Descending to Earth (サスケ 伝 ・ 地 に 降り し 空) [1/29]
This is the description of the episode:
China Leisure addresses an astronomical observatory, far from the Terra del Fuel.
There, it synchronizes with Sakura, and together they immerse themselves in a covert investigation in search of traces of the sage of the six roads!
They discover a plan that goes beyond life or death, and a battle that will test this team of husband and wife until death separates them.
Remember that the episodes arrive in Japan and subsequently launched in American media.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: After the disaster that is being Boru to, with these stories the creator of the work is fully redeemed.
Hopefully then let’s see something with Hikaru as the protagonist.

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