Dirk Bauermann Returns To German Basketball Association

Dirk Bauermann is back at the German Basketball Association.
The former national coach wants to give something back at the age of 65.

Baumann will in future become a national coach and coordinator for the male youth area, as the association announced on Monday.

In the more than 30 years of expert sport, I had the ability to have a great deal of experiences, discovered a lot, have acquired a lot. It is time to return something. So I’m really delighted to return ‘back home’, said Baumann, who in the wedding event
Supervised by Dirk Nowitzki between 2003 and 2011 as head coach.
For DBB President Ingo Weiss, the comeback is not unexpected.
Contact with Dirk has never entirely taken down, and I am very happy that we are coming together again, stated the official.
Baumann will bear the entire conceptual responsibility in the male DBB junior location in coordination with men’s national coach Gordon Herbert and the young national coaches.

Numerous titles with Leverkusen and Bamberg

In the last few years, Baumann has actually trained FC Bayern Munich, S. Oliver Würzburg and the Rostock Sea wolves in Germany.


Throughout this time he was on clubs in Lithuania, Russia, China and Turkey.
After the DBB team, he likewise coached the national groups of Poland and Iran, led Tunisia to the Africa Champion.
He commemorated his first successes as a young coach of Bayer Leverkusen.
He led the giants of the Rhine to 7 champion titles in the 90s, and after the turn of the centuries, Baumann was also two champions with Bamberg.

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