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NBA 2K23 MyTEAM: Exploring The New Cosmic Pack Features & Challenges

NBA 2K23 MyTEAM released its new Cosmic Pack today at 11AM ET / 4PM GMT. We cover all the new Cosmic players and challenges here.

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NBA 2K23 Team: Cosmic Load Gamers

Cosmic Load Three-Part Challenge

As Season 4 continues to unfold, NBA 2K23 has actually just continued to launch better and better gamers for fans to acquire in Team, and today’s drop didn’t dissatisfy. A big theme of Season 4 has been its focus on deep space, something Team actually welcomed with the Lunar New Year.

Heading into the final weekend of the month of January, NBA 2K23 is still riding high up on their space style in Team, launching their Eclipse Load last Friday before dropping their brand new Cosmic Pack today at 11AM ET/ 4PM GMT.

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On that really note, here are the new players and difficulties that have actually shown up with the NBA 2K23 Team Cosmic Load.

This pack really measures up to its name, presenting a set of NBA stars that paved their paths to greatness with a unique level of stellar talent that all too often appeared celestial and unbelievable to witness.

The Cosmic Load features 10 brand-new gamers, all of which feature an overall ranking of 91 or greater. Based on usual, this new release includes a complimentary three-part difficulty that as soon as finished, will reward you a complimentary Cosmic Load.

NBA 2K23 Team: Cosmic Load Gamers

Galaxy Opals (97 Overall).

  1. Dirk Nowitzki (PF/C).
  2. Vince Carter (SF/SG).
  3. James Harden (SG/PG).

Pink Diamonds (96 Overall).

  1. Andrei Kirilenko (PF/SF).
  2. Karl-Anthony Towns (C/PF).


Diamonds (94 General).

  1. Carbon Butler (SF/SG).
  2. Jason Terry (PG/SG).

Amethysts (91 Total).

  1. Maurice Taylor (PF/C).
  2. Austin Leaves (SG/SF).
  3. AJ Griffin (SF/SG).

With that stated, here are the three parts of the challenge you need to complete to earn a totally free Cosmic Load in Team:.

Cosmic Obstacle– Part 1.

The Cosmic Load in NBA 2K23 Team features a three-part challenge that offers fans a neat chance to earn some good benefits. However, ought to you finish all three tiers of the difficulty, you will get the supreme benefit: A complimentary Cosmic Pack.

In order to gain access to these challenges, visit the Ability Challenges menu. And in there, you will find all three parts of the Cosmic Pack obstacle.

Cosmic Pack Three-Part Difficulty.

  1. Play Triple Threat game to 21 points against Amethyst Cosmic theme team on semi-pro.
  2. Win the video game.

Cosmic Obstacle– Part 2.

  1. Play Triple Risk video game to 21 points against Diamond Cosmic style team on pro.
  2. Make and win the video game 2 three-point shots and 1 dunk as a group.

Cosmic Difficulty– Part 3.

  1. Play a four-quarter video game (5 minutes each) against Cosmic style group on all-star.
  2. Rating 40 points as a team.

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