Looking Ahead: Tim Walter And HSV Get Ready For Rostock With The Vuskovic Process

The preparation for Rostock goes on the home straight, HSV coach Tim Walter looks after the successful start against Braunschweig (4: 2) with anticipation for Sunday.
And with great interest in tomorrow.
Then find the first V in Frankfurt

For a household afternoon a week and a half ago, the Croatian from Split was flown in, the fitness instructor reveals: Of course we exchanged ourselves, but we are always in exchange. He is approaching us, we
Of course we do not know what’s going on in him. I just know: We are there for him. The whole group is constantly there for him.

The 21-year-old main defender Djokovic has actually been closed because EPO was shown in September and the finding was made public in November.
The player guarantees that he has not doped, the HSV speaks of numerous inconsistencies.
And above all, Walter attempts to strengthen people Djokovic.
For a family afternoon a week and a half ago, the Croatian from Split was flown in, the trainer exposes: Obviously we exchanged ourselves, but we are always in exchange. He is completely thinking about what we do. He is approaching us, we
Go to him. Mario belongs to us.
Walter likewise understands that nobody can look into the psychological world of the defender skill.
Naturally we don’t know what’s going on in him. I just understand: We are there for him. The entire group is always there for him.

Brief, who raises lots of concerns

The support on Friday in Frankfurt is recorded by the sports director.
While Walter continues to prepare the team on Rostock, Jonas Bold twill be on site.
As a listener.
Stephan Behold, as chairman of the DFB sports court, has actually already set a second day of negotiation on February 9, Djokovic worked with 5 attorneys and sent a brief together with the HSV.
He has 60, 65 pages, states Bold and reveals: He raises lots of questions.

Mario claims his innocence

To name a few things, Djokovic is stated to have been tested two more times after the very first positive rehearsal in September-with an unfavorable result.
In addition, during an apartment or condo search and evacuation of his locker in the Volkmar cellular phone and laptop, no evidence was found on all gadgets.
In the past couple of weeks, a number of experts have publicly and in direct discussions to make a confession in order to be able to hope for mildness in the judgment.
However, the supposed sinner assures that even in the closest circle that he has done absolutely nothing.
Mario, explains Bold, asserts his innocence.

In order to show this, he has actually offered a DNA contrast, but so far this proposal by NASA and DFB has not been accepted.


We want transparency and clearness, which is why we are extremely cooperative, states Bold, we presume that the sports court meets the claim.
For the HSV it has to do with a lot, for Djokovic practically everything.
The Reinstate spent 4 million for the Croatian U-21 national defender and rejected a 10 million deals from England in summer season due to the fact that they did not wish to do without him in terms of sport and made sure to be able to accomplish much more in the future.
If Djokovic is now blocked for two or 4 years, the hoped-for money is there for the 2nd department club-and for the player, the career is practically over at least at the greatest level.
Walter says: I hope that it will work out for us. And specifically for the young boy.

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